This year  is for adventures and living your best life to the fullest. To make the year memorable for all the right reasons, here’s a list of adventures you can’t afford to miss.

Kayaking and Canoeing


 Kayaking is an easy way to relax and breathe in the fresh air. This year, get ready to grab a paddle with a trusted co-pilot and face the waves of the ocean. To make it extra special, kayaking at night underneath the stars is a romantic idea.


Source: Complete Sport Nigeria

Good vibes happen on the tides, that’s every surfer’s watchword. This extreme water sport requires the surfer to move with the wave.This year it’s time to learn how the surfers do their thing and catch some waves.



 Away from water activities, your next big adventure for 2018 is parachuting. Whoever thought about jumping out of a moving plane is a legend. Enjoy the ultimate high and experience life in an intoxicating way. At 13,000 feet thrill seekers are in for a wonderful surprise

Bungee Jumping

Source: CNN Traveler

The best part of bungee jumping is that you face your fear nose deep- either from a building, a bridge or even an airplane. Depending on your level of adrenaline addiction, it might be a plunge or just a short drop. This is your chance to be a human yo-yo for a few minutes.



Be a superhero for the day and swing from reaching heights amongst nature’s beautiful landscapes. This is a must for a fun-packed adventure for 2018 and a way to kick-start the new year with exciting memories.


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