As a top tourist destination, Dubai has several rules guiding their visa process. These rules have been misconstrued and some travellers misinformed. So, we decided to answer all the frequently asked questions regarding the Dubai visa and its processes.

Q: How long does it take to process the Dubai Visa?

It takes 5 working days to process the Dubai Visa. Since Friday and Saturday are weekends in Dubai, working days mean Sunday-Thursday.

Q: If I apply for a visa through Wakanow, and get rejected, will I be refunded?

No, Wakanow does not refund for unsuccessful visa applications. This is clearly stated in the terms and conditions and is the same in the case of direct applications via the embassy.

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Q: Does Wakanow provide supporting documents for visa applicants?

Wakanow does not provide supporting documents. Although we will advise you on the necessary documents for a successful visa application. These documents must be provided by applicants.

Q: Can I apply for a 3 months Dubai visa with Wakanow?

 No, Wakanow can only assist with the short stay tourist visa which is usually valid for 2 weeks.

Q: How long does my international passport need to be valid for to allow me to process visa?

Your international passport needs to be valid for up to 6 months from the travel date. If it’s less than 6 months, you need to renew it.

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Q: Can I get a multiple entry visa to Dubai through Wakanow?

No. Since UAE is basically a tourism country, Dubai immigration only issues travelers single entry visas.

Q: Is there any age restrictions for Dubai visa application?

Yes there are restrictions on age for Dubai visa application. If an applicant is below 25 years, he/she will have to apply with an older relative that bears the same surname as the applicant. This older relative, however, does not need to book a flight, the visa acts as a cover for the under aged.

However applicants from 25 years and above can apply alone.

Q: How much should I have in my account to apply for a Dubai visa?

 You should have enough to cover your travel, accommodation, other expenses and something to fall back on.

Q: Does Wakanow issue visa?

Wakanow does not issue visas; we assist with the processing of visa and help boost customers’ chances of being issued visas. Visas are issued solely at the discretion of the various embassies.

Q: Why would one get denied their visa?

Visas are denied at the embassy’s discretion. Generally, criminal records, inconsistent documents, insufficient funds etc are factors that can lead to visa denial.

And there you have it. Those are the most commonly asked questions regarding the Dubai visa! Were your questions answered? If not, tweet us @Wakanowdotcom with your questions using #AskWakanow or leave a comment in the comment boxes below and we’ll get back to you with an answer! 

At Wakanow, we pride ourselves in our visa services and make it a point to make getting your visa as easy and stress-free as we possibly can.

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