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LAGOS            to   MUMBAI         from   N340,523

LAGOS            to   LONDON          from   N426,772

LAGOS            to   SINGAPORE     from   N756,577

LAGOS            to   GUANGZHOU  from    N541,736

LAGOS            to   ABU DHABI      from   N452,781

LAGOS            to   BANGKOK        from    N592,849

LAGOS            to   AHMEDABAD  from    N435,782

LAGOS            to   DUBAI               from    N459,753

LAGOS            to   PARIS               from    N427,264

LAGOS            to   ALGIERS          from   N517,398



Sales Period: 31st Oct to 7th November, 2014

Travel Period: 31st Oct to 31st Jun, 2015

Changes permitted at a fee

No show fee applies

Ticket is Non-refundable

Maximum Stay: 3month

Call 07009252669 or Email to BOOK Now!

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