Qatar Global Sales Promo

Qatar Global Sales Promo

Enjoy Special Fares from Qatar Airways with the 7 Days Global Sales Promotion,

From now until 10th November 2014, Book your Ticket and Save Now.

Travel period is valid from 6th November 2014 to 15th June 2015.

Seats are Limited! Book Now on


Lagos  to   Mumbai      from  N135,097

Lagos  to   London       from  N142,864

Lagos  to   Singapore   from  N212,760

Lagos  to  Guangzhou   from  N182,055

Lagos  to  Abu Dhabi     from  N109,568

Lagos  to   Bangkok       from  N143,188

Lagos  to   Ahmedabad  from   N216,783

Lagos  to   Dubai           from   N109,568

Lagos  to   Paris            from  N131,293

Lagos  to  Algiers          from   N150,939


Sales Period:  3rd Nov to 10th November, 2014

Travel Period: 6th Nov to 15th  Jun, 2015

Changes permitted at a fee

No show Fee applies

Ticket Non-Refundable

Maximum Stay: 1 month

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