10 Reasons To Visit Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful and diverse land; a perfect holiday destination to admire nature. If you are planning to visit Brazil this vacation and thinking why should you? Then perhaps our list will give you more than enough reasons to visit this lovely country known worldwide for its warm, fun loving people, great cuisine and above all for its petite, exotic and feminine women.

  • Beaches

This is one of the primary attractions of Brazil. There are over fifteen hundred beaches, more than 500 islands dot the waters off the coast and preserve an undaunted natural beauty not seen anywhere else in the world. You can pick from hundreds of excellent resorts that cater to your budget. Relaxing at a Brazilian beach is a unique experience that cannot be matched anywhere else.

·         Amazing Landscapes

The Amazon River and Rainforest and Iguaçu Falls are the most famous natural attractions in a country that has 62 National Parks and hundreds of conservation units. Brazil holds several records for its wildlife numbers and diversity. Ecotourism and responsible travel initiatives are on the rise, making it possible for more travelers to enjoy Brazil in a sustainable way.

  • Culture, Historical Cities and Towns

If you love history, Brazil is a great place to visit. Wherever you go in the country, you will be surrounded by culture and history. There are many towns and cities that have parts that remain unchanged since the colonial times. You will definitely love it here.

  • Celebrations & Events

Of course what type of culture would Brazil have without the famous Carnival? It is a tremendous nationwide celebration. There is the annual Easter celebration as well where caravans of people line up with prayers and walk to local mass to celebrate the rise of their lord and savior Jesus Christ. If you are a soccer lover, then Brazil is the right place to be at. Soccer is one such game which is practiced as a religion.

Some other notable celebrations include: Semana Santa – the Brazilian Holy Week; Festas Juninas; Festa do Divino; Festa Nacional do Índio; LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo; and St. Vito Festival

  • Brazilian Food

You have never visited Brazil unless you have tasted Brazilian food. It’s got a rich variety of foods that will truly delight your taste buds.

  • Brazilian Martial Arts

Many people go to Brazil to learn various Brazilian martial arts like Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from authentic masters.

The one major industry that has taken great strides in improving is the major hotel chains. They are continuing to invest in a wide arrange of marketing and premium luxuries to help the weary traveler feel extra pampered.

  • Tourism is a Priority to Brazil

Brazil just loves tourists. If you visit Brazil you can be confident that you will be well taken care of. The government and the tourism industry work hand in hand to make Brazil a great place to visit.

  •  Excellent Weather All Year Round

Visit Brazil anytime of the year and you will enjoy excellent weather. If you want to get sun and sand anytime of the year, Brazil is the place to go. It does not matter if it’s snowing or raining anywhere in the world. In Brazil, it is going to be sunny.

  • Brazil is a Gateway to South America

Brazil has awesome neighbors. With easy access to many countries you can have a month’s worth of adventure and still not see or do it all.

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