2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

With the Russia 2018 World Cup around the corner, we understand that many fans are about to take the trip of a lifetime. At Wakanow, the aim is to make your trip and stay in Russia as hitch-free as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2018 Russia World Cup:

How can I get my 2018 Russia World Cup tickets?

2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

Source: Moscow Times

The match tickets are purchased from the FIFA website through the link below. Wakanow will provide assistance with this.

You will need to register an account on FIFA website using your email address and also updated card details so FIFA can charge you for your ticket(s) once your application is approved.

You can purchase a Wakanow Prepaid card for this and fund with the corresponding amount for purchasing the tickets depending on the preferred category.


What kind of ticket do I need?

This depends on the preferred match and seating area.

The different ticket categories are determined by the seating areas in the stadium.

What is a FAN ID?

A Fan ID is an official identification as a fan and match attendee at the 2018 Russia World Cup. It looks like a medium-sized photo identification card and it performs 3 functions:

  • Identification for entry into stadiums on match days
  • Visa-free entry into Russia
  • Free public transport in host cities on match days

What is FIFA Fan Fest?

Large viewing centres for fans to watch the 2018 Russia World Cup matches. Admission is free. Side attractions include musical performances from both local and international acts, art exhibitions, food, and drinks.

Do I need a visa to visit Russia?

You get a visa-free entry to Russia during the World Cup period if you have a FAN ID. The FAN ID application is made online with your Match Ticket confirmations.

What if I don’t speak Russian?

We will have guides who speak both Russian and English

How should I exchange money?

2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

Source: Freepik

The best point for this is at the airport on arrival. The exchange is from USD to Roubles

What is the weather like?

Russia will have clement weather during the 2018 Russia World Cup period because that is Russian summer.

How should I dress?

Summer wear

What other events can I partake in asides the 2018 Russia World Cup?

2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

You can go sightseeing – St Petersburg is a major historical and cultural tourist attraction, Wakanow has packages inclusive of a full day St Petersburg tour.

Asides this, you can sample the local cuisine and drinks (especially vodka) at the hotel’s bar or one of the tourist bars located in the city center eg Buddha Bar. Transportation can be provided on request.

Can I stay back for a few days after the 2018 Russia World Cup?

The FAN ID issued expires on the final day of the World Cup. After that you become persona non grata in Russia and strict measures will be employed to track you.

What’s the best way to move around in Russia?

2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

Source: YouTube

The train system is the best way to move around. However, you would require a guide initially to explain the network to you.

Where would the Nigerian matches be held?

2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

Source: Stadium Guide

Nigerian Matches will be held in Kaliningrad, Volgograd and St Petersburg.

How do I move around if I don’t speak Russian?

All match related activities will have guides inclusive during transport. However, for personal activities, a vehicle with an English speaking driver/guide can be requested.

What’s the best way to watch matches that I’m not attending?

Most hotels will have a screen in their bars. You can also request a visit to the Fan Zones (subject to availability).

What are my options for accommodation in Russia?

2018 Russia World Cup FAQs

Source: Hermitage hotel

3*,4* and 5* hotel options are available.

What are the rules about alcohol in Russia?

Liberal, especially when you are not driving.

Can I book a package with Wakanow and automatically get my tickets?

Yes, but this applies only to Hospitality Tickets (from USD 650 per ticket) The cost for this can be added to the package. For regular tickets which costs from USD 110, the application is made directly on FIFA website and Wakanow will provide advice and assistance with this.

If I book a package, can I decide to make changes when I get to Russia?

Yes. All changes will be subject to the Cancellation Policies and Terms & Conditions of the package.

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