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4 Cool Things To Jazz Up Your Weekend

Oh yes!!! The weekend is here and we can imagine all the butterflies boogying with excitement in your tummy right now. We know, you deserve the break.

Before you consider laying in bed all weekend, brace yourself as we have come up with four cool things you can do to add a little spice to your weekend.

Let’s go…

#1. Go Karaoke and Then Shake it Up

Karaoke TGIF
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Sometimes, you just want to do something refreshingly different from the norm. So you may want to try out how well you flow with lyrics – from Old School to R&B, Soul, Pop, Rap et al. For us, going to a karaoke night club is the real deal. So take a break from your “shower singing sessions” this weekend and take on the stage.

#2. Hit Your Nearest Viewing Centre

In case you are a big fan of soccer like I am, this weekend should be the most exciting. The English Premier League is back, and you know what that means. Reigning EPL champions Leicester City will take on Arsenal on Saturday in a crunch tie. Smell that? Premier League is hot and you can’t afford to be told what goes down this weekend.

#3. Go Religious All The Way

Well, if you are not all the clubbing stuffs, you might want to join your local church on Friday night for another wonderful time in His presence. For Muslims, the Jumat is one key engagement you don’t want to miss. Either ways, get ready to worship our Maker this weekend.

#4. Explore Virgin Destinations

One way to reward yourself this weekend is by exploring new destinations altogether. A trip to La Campagne Tropicana Resort is a deal-breaker any day. Here, you experience the magic of Mother Nature amidst the lush of swinging palm trees and the lullaby of ocean waves. Or you could decide to embark on a short getaway. Don’t have enough money to to make the trip this weekend? You could plan your next weekend getaway with our Pay Small Small option and enjoy amazing offers on flights and hotels.

Cheers to the weekend!

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