Copa lagos 2016

4 Things To Expect At COPA Lagos 2016

The dice is cast; all is set for the COPA Lagos 2016 tourney. December 11 is the date. The various teams are set to slug it out for the ultimate glory, same with the mélange of events to take participants all the way to the seventh heaven. And there is more.

This year’s edition promises much more than we have seen for the past five or so years. This year, according to the organizers, COPA Lagos is taking on a whole new form defined by energetic performances and a pulse that nudge your senses back to life.

Let’s run a quick check on the major attractions that would define this year’s edition.

It’s an all-in-one experience

COPA Lagos 2016
Source: Complete Sports

Last year, activities for COPA ran into three days, and yet, there was no dull moment. But this year is refreshingly different. Now, imagine having all the fun-filled 3-day activities of last year all rolled into a single day. You just won’t be able to contain the excitement.

Expect a bang with the Celebrity Match

COPA Lagos 2016
Source: ShekinaOne

Now, most of the big names in Nigerian football that pop up on your TV screen will battle it out with ace Nigerian celebs right before your very eyes. So, grab your selfie stick and be ready to snap your way till thy kingdom come. Or simply get ready to network with Nigerian celebs amidst the gleaming facade of the sun, sand and music.

Explore the best of foods

COPA Lagos 2016
Source: Vegan Thai

In case you don’t know, this event is not just about beach soccer alone. So, while the games are on, you could stroll into the flood of exhibitors stationed at the international food fair ground and have a feel of the culinary masterpieces on display. All the participating teams would be showcasing their best of foods to the delight of a boisterous crowd, and you can’t afford to be left out.

Love fashion? Here you have it

COPA Lagos 2016
Source: Sir Kenayo

If you love fashion and want to blur the line between costume and everyday style like Diana Ross showed us, COPA Lagos 2016 is one place where you experience some of the best collaborations of fashion houses promoting beach wear culture.

And the most interesting part? As a major sponsor of this tournament and official travel partner, Wakanow has also wrapped up arrangements to make this year’s edition one to remember – whether it’s tickets to see the games, flight, hotel booking and transfers.

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