There’s something spectacular about Abu Dhabi that sets it apart from most destinations. It’s the capacity to wow anyone who steps on the Emirati soil, every time. Seated on the north-eastern cape of the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi tells a spectacular story of wealth and beauty inspired by raw ambition. Not only is Abu Dhabi the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates, it is also the Emirati seat of power, offering lots to see and do every time, including this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Just like the magnificent Dubai, Abu Dhabi boasts of amazing super-imposing structures and exclusive spots that can help couples rekindle the flames of romance – from its brimming inner cities to its sprawling deserts and many interesting attractions.

#1. Get on the Observation Deck and See the World

Abu Dhabi Valentine's Day

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The Observation Deck is to Abu Dhabi what Burj Khalifa is to Dubai. It offers clear skyline views of the Jumeirah. Imagine seating atop the 74th floor of the iconic Etihad Towers sipping high tea, as you seize a sublime view of this city of wonders. Relieve the excitement of Observation Deck restaurant and its offerings of coffee, mock tails, soft drinks, deserts, salads, etc.

#2. Experience the Miracle of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi Valentine's Day

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There is no religious edifice throughout the UAE that is as mammoth and jaw-dropping as this mosque that took over 20 years to be constructed. It’s decked in Macedonian sandstones with a fusion of Ottoman, Mameluke and Fatamid designs. It is named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, one of the dominant forces of the UAE’s renaissance.

Access to this grand mosque is free, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a Muslim or not. This spot is a remarkable peep into the Emirati history, and can host 40,000 worshippers at a time.

#3. See the Future at Masdar City

Abu Dhabi Valentine's Day

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This smart city, located just by the airport, is a must-see spot that can spice up your Valentine’s Day expedition. It’s a car free zone, and, when completed, would be home to about 50,000 people and businesses, powered by eco-friendly solutions.

Even though development has been stalled in this world’s first planned sustainable city, this marquee project by the UAE government is a nice place to feed your fantasy and transform your thinking about cities of the future.

#4. Escape into the Women’s Handicraft Centre

Women’s Handicraft Centre

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After a busy day of combing the most vibrant spots of the city, head over to this craft centre where you meet women showcasing traditional skills like tapestry, weaving, silver-thread needle work and other traditional crafts that reflect the history of the region.

This on-site shop is a delight for every woman, offering specially crafted souvenirs such as bags, slippers, baskets, trays etc.

#5. Visit the eco-friendly Corniche Beach

Abu Dhabi Valentine's Day

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Not many beaches in the world boast of the blue flag status – the global eco-label that guarantees clean and healthy water. The Corniche is one of the few beachfronts with this highly renowned status. So, take your Valentine’s Day a few notches higher by visiting this amazing waterfront and explore its diverse facilities including sun loungers, Marina Mall, Presidential Palace, restaurants, etc.

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