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5 Amazing Mother’s Day Ideas that Rock

Mothers are truly special, so is the unique space they occupy in our lives. How we appreciate and love them for all the attention they have given to us is very important! Whether your mother is a big fan of Christian Dior perfumes that fly off the shelves at major malls or she still gets goose bumps at the sight of Hermes Birkin’s bag, that’s not enough to celebrate them with, Yep! a bag or a bottle of cologne or a set of Maybelline makeup kits are definitely not enough to show that appreciation this Mother’s Day.

Let’s show you how you can make it even more memorable for her.

#1. Consider an Outrigger Mauritius Resort getaway for her

Love is a universal language that knows no age or colour, and nothing stops you from booking a romantic getaway for dad and mum this year’s Mother’s Day.  We recommend you gift your mother the rare privilege of a thrilling escape with the love of her life, and watch her excitement rise to heaven’s firmament. If you have read the 5 fascinating reasons to visit Mauritius, then you’d be excited plan a trip for your mum and dad.

You can book a cheap DestinationsAfrica package to this rolling resort in Mauritius and enjoy the full complement of guided tours, return airport transfers and an ultimate detoxifying spa treat.

#2. Go artistic, write a poem for her

Is mum an art buff? Does she get excited by well-crafted lines of poetry? Does she like to be serenaded with words? Well, maybe a nicely penned poem could be the icing on the cake as you celebrate this woman in your life on this Mothers’ Day.

The truth is you don’t have to craft a poem as moving as Rudyard Kipling’s Mother of Mine or William Blake’s The Angel that Presided o’er my Birth.  Just go ahead to pour out your feelings for this amazing woman who defied the pain for nine or so months to usher you into the world. Whether you see your mother as your teacher, friend, inspiration, confidant or nurturer, simply convey those powerful feelings through poetry and she will appreciate that spark of ingenuity.

Don’t let the encomiums end on your Facebook wall this Mother’s Day. Take a step further by writing her an emotional poem, and she will love it!

#3. Gift her a motivational tablet cover

For techie mums, as expected in today’s digital age, an inspirational tablet cover is a smart option for your choice of a gift. Not only will this assure the safety of her tablet, it will offer her inspiring words to keep her upbeat with inspiring words from the Serenity Prayer.

Life has never been a bed of roses, and sometimes we run the risk of having to worry just over everything. Like most of us, your mum will find the inspiration to go on from the rich collection of words popping up from this tablet cover.

#4. Treat her to a Family Vacation

When was the last time you spent quality time with the woman whose love and prayers follow you still? Even if you did, there is every likelihood that it was just another weekend stop-over. Like most people, the pressure of contemporary life might have cut you off from the people that truly matter in your life, including your mother.

So, we advise you opt for a weekend vacation that turns the whole attention on your mum. You can book a well-priced Calabar weekend getaway for the whole family that allows everyone bond together freely.

#5. What about a complete makeover for her?

Most women, irrespective of their age, like to look great, especially for the man they love, and your mum is not likely to be an exception. Consider the combo of a cool new hairdo that brings back that sweet-sixteen feel or those makeups that give your mama away like a model on a glossy magazine centre spread.

Whether you are her husband, son or daughter, you mum will always jump at any opportunity to be pampered like the sassy and gorgeous woman she is. Make your mother feel really special this Mother’s Day by taking advantage of our customized Easter packages, and stand a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for two this summer.


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