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5 Best Baecation Destinations For Summer 2018

In need of a romantic getaway with bae this summer? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve handpicked 5 best ‘baecation’ destinations for summer 2018. You can surprise bae now:

The Maldives

5 Best Baecation Destinations For Summer 2018

The Maldives! The tropical destination on every couple’s bucket list. Mesmerizing blue waters, one of a kind overwater bungalows, sandy beaches – all perfect for romance. Surprise your other half with a romantic candlelit dinner, go snorkeling and share a kiss under the stars at this summer.

Bali, Indonesia

5 Best Baecation Destinations For Summer 2018
Your best half deserves stunning views, blue waters, sandy beaches and an all round romantic getaway this summer. We’re talking about massages on the beach, overnight parties in Kuta, motorcycle rides, cute couple selfies with monkeys at ancient temples – the whole works!

Zanzibar, Tanzania

5 Best Baecation Destinations For Summer 2018
Are you crazy in love? Then Zanzibar is all you need! Head straight to the coast and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Take a spa treat, sign up for a cooking class, go swimming with the dolphins, dance the night away – the list is endless. Who says the Motherland isn’t perfect for a romantic getaway?

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

5 Best Baecation Destinations For Summer 2018
Bora Bora is absolutely gorgeous – luxury resorts and bungalows. The turquoise lagoon will have you at hello! With waters protected by a coral reef, scuba diving is a must. This destination is just right for beach lovers who love to lay on the whites sands, snorkel and fall in love a thousand times over with their partners.

Prague, Czech Republic

5 Best Baecation Destinations For Summer 2018

Tired of the beach life? Want to soak up some culture instead? Prague is your answer. Split by the Vltava River, the thing that gets you about Prague is its unique architecture – the Gothic churches, Baroque buildings. The Old Town Square is the place to see, with a courtyard that’ll leave you speechless! Having lunch at the restaurant inside the cave is a must. Too much sauce!

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