5 Best Christmas Movies To Watch

5 Best Christmas Movies To Watch

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It’s that time of the year again – Christmas! What better way to explore the 3F’s – Family, Friends and Fun this season than bonding over some of the best Christmas movies eh?

Here are our top 5 Christmas Movie options in no particular order:

Arthur Christmas

5 Best Christmas Movies To Watch

Source: The Telegraph

How exactly does Santa deliver all those presents in just one night? No need to take a wild guess; just watch the Arthur Christmas movie and you would have your answer! Step into Arthur’s world and watch him save the day, a few hours to Christmas dawn.

Home Alone 1 – 5

5 Best Christmas Movies To Watch

Source: College Humor

Have a laugh this Christmas with this hilarious holiday classic in 5 parts. Watch as 8-year old Kevin McCallister becomes a man overnight as he’s left home alone during Christmas.


5 Best Christmas Movies To Watch

Source: Hello Giggles

Share the fun with family and friends this Christmas. ‘ Elf ’ is a family comedy full of Christmas cheer. Laugh your heart out as Will Ferrell plays one of Santa’s biggest helpers.

The Holiday

5 Best Christmas Movies To Watch

Source: Pluggedin

Want to suspend reality for a little while? ‘The Holiday’ would help you do that. It’s mushy fun for a Christmas evening – get ready to have the “if only” and “awwn” moments creeping up on you. This romantic comedy is just right for you and your other half.

The Preacher’s Wife

5 Best Christmas Movies To Watch

Source: E! Online

A Whitney Houston soundtrack, a younger Denzel Washington playing an angel and a charming storyline – what more could you possibly ask for a Christmas classic?

Whether you’re traveling or going to be in your hotel room this season, relax as you see these Christmas movies. I’m sure it would turn out to be a treasured part of your holiday viewing.

I’m interested in what you think of these Christmas movies. Please leave a comment below:


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