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5 Best Things To Do This Summer

In the name of the sun, sand and beautiful weather – we pronounce summer upon all of you!

We are just as excited as everyone anywhere in the world who loves a summer break. Here are 5 things to do this year, we promise you’ll ask for a longer list next time.

Unplug your phone and reach out to real friends and family.


The 21st century definitely gave us a lot to be excited about and enjoy all the good things in life. However, it definitely stole from us quality time with friends and family. Everyone is on the internet these days and certainly gets less quality time with friends or family to catch up and have a good laugh.

Summertime is a time to step away from your mobile gadgets and get a good rib- cracking laugh catching up with friends and family members. Your inner self will definitely say thank you after this.

Attend major concerts.

Summer - concert

What more good will you do to yourself than highlight the major concerts in your city, pick the ones that interests you and actually attending most of them if not all?

Attend a few music concerts, arts festivals, stageplays, comedy shows or even a book club just to mention a few. The best time to get some of the best of every craft in the world is during the time when the sun is out in all its glory.

Enjoy some summer sports.

Summer - AFCON

Source: Connect Nigeria

Nothing beats summer sports. From the World of Tennis to football including Africa’s most prestigious football tournament; AFCON 2019, to Basketball’s finest; The NBA Finals to the most exciting boxing bouts, the list goes on.

A trip to any of these tournaments should be on your bucket list this year. With our exciting AFCON deals, you might have no excuse not to have a wonderful summer this year.

Interestingly, you too can pick a sport and play this summer. We’d suggest hunting.

Pool time, Beach time. Water time. Choose any.


What better time to enjoy the feel of water on your feet or your whole body splashing into the water during a sunny day than this summer? Water is amazing, water is life and you have a couple of things to do with the company of a water body. Visit a pool, here are some we recommend. Visit a lake or the beach. Go fishing or swimming or even throw a party by the water.

Go for a memorable vacation.  


The least said the better because it says it all. You can’t underrate a summer trip. Escape the regular hustle and bustle of your city and go somewhere you’ve never been to at least once a year just as Dalai Lama said.

Visit a dream destination – an Island, a new city with an exciting culture, a neighbouring country. Take time to retreat and charge yourself.

Got plans for the summer yet? If no, check out our exclusive summer deals. Please, don’t hesitate to share with me in the comments section below your thoughts for this summer.

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