5 Coolest Places To Visit in 2018
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5 Coolest Places To Visit in 2018

Every new year is a new canvas, offering you a brand new chance to be your own Picasso or Van Gogh. So, while drawing up your resolutions and budgets, make some space for the fun, exotic, and adventurous. If you’re thinking about the best places to travel in 2018, here’s our list of the 5 coolest places to visit in 2018.


Brazil beach - one of 5 coolest places to visit

Forget about the 2014 World Cup. Northern Brazil exudes a natural spellbinding, perennial magic that keeps thrilling tourists all around the world. Visit the Lencois Maranhenses National Park, explore the Iguassu Falls and hike the Amazon – the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Then, you can hop into Jericoacoara and have a feel of the best hospitality off the Brazilian coast at Chili Beach. Be sure to try out the feijoada, churrasco, and the Peixe Brasileiro or you might have to go back. At any rate, you’re surely going to consider going back to Brazil the one stop coolest places to visit in 2018.


Angor Wat in Cambodia

Touch down at Phnom Penh International Airport and explore nature’s hidden treasure chest – Cambodia. Say hello with a ‘sampeah’ and succumb to what is quite easily one of Asia’s finest rural landscapes. Be sure to visit Angor Wat – a UNESCO World Heritage center – and be amazed by the world’s largest religious buildings, also considered one of the wonders of the world. Try out the Num Banh chok dish – a delicious all-day dish of fish and rice noodle soup with various veggies and spices thrown in. Plan a quick trip to Skuon – the de-facto capital of fried spider snacks. While there’s no McDonald’s yet in the whole of Cambodia, they do have a Burger King and KFC. Whatever you do, be sure to keep your feet firmly on the ground; it’s perceived an insult to point your toes at anything/anybody.

El Salvador

El Salvador

If you’re hoping for a getaway somewhere in Central America, El Salvador is truly one of the coolest places to visit in 2018. Widely known for its lavish beaches off the Pacific coast, this small country is equally a surfer’s paradise. Add its mountainous landscape, waterfalls, coffee farms, and rainforests, and you easily have a ranger’s picture perfect haven. Visit Juayua and discover Sopa de Pata, Tamales, Panes Rellenos, and a vast array of local dishes at its weekend food festival. With numerous museums and a vibrant rural life, there’s no limit to the adventure El Salvador promises.


Russia landmark icon

Everyone knows where the football party is this summer – indeed one of the coolest places to visit in 2018. Join thousands of teeming fans and adventure seekers to discover the biggest country in the world (well, at 17.1 million km², almost twice the size of the United States). Explore architectural designs of the ancient imperial city of Saint Petersburg, and maybe the Hall of Military Glory in Volgograd. Enjoy Samara’s serenity and connect with nature at the Kaliningrad Zoo. Whatever you do, do not leave Russia without tasting the Pelmeni (пельмени), Solyanka (соля́нка) and the Alenka Chocolate (Алёнка). And never forget, a little vodka makes everything merrier.


Victoria Falls in Zambia

Nestled around Zambia is perhaps, one of the most iconic fluvial cascades (waterfalls) in the world – The Victoria Falls. However, this is just one of the many thrills Mother Nature bequeathed to Zambia with. You can take boat rides on the Zambezi River, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Kariba as well as the Kariba Dam. Get ready for some delightful safari experience at the Lusaka National Park, Kafue National Park, and the South Luangwa National Park. Without exaggerating, an unforgettable adventure awaits everyone who dares to discover Zambia.

Do you agree with our list? Are there other places you feel should make the list? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

So, where do you want to go?


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