A visit to Thailand spells an exotic escape filled with historic landmarks, tropical lush gardens, relaxing stretches of beaches and best of all delicious street delicacies. We’re here for Thailand’s magic and charm and to showcase this, here are 5 facts about Thailand we think you should know.


5 facts of thailand


We can’t talk about Thailand without mentioning these striking large mammals. In Thailand alone, there are thousands of elephants. It is also considered a sacred animal because of the Buddhist religion and you’re forbidden to ride on them. An image of an elephant also appears on the national flag which is raised at 8 AM and lowered at 6 PM.

Summary: Elephants are a big deal in Thailand!

Thai Street Food

5 Facts about Thailand


For all food lovers, exciting your taste buds with Thailand’s delicious street cuisine options is a must. This food haven has a selection of insanely delicious food options- noodles, chicken, salad, fruits, snacks and even desserts. A rule of thumb is wherever there’s a crowd of people, there will be a lot of food.

People of Thailand

5 facts of Thailand

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Thai people are known as one of the friendliest people in the world, with random strangers smiling at you on the streets. Once you meet their eyes, a smile automatically comes on. It’s like an innate response. It’s always nice to start your adventure with a bright smile from a stranger.  Most of them are very nice with an innocent sense of humor.

Monkey Buffet



The Monkey Buffet Festival is an exciting feast held annually and you guessed it right- they are celebrating monkeys! Monkeys have a population of their own- 2,000- and they are treated like kings with an array of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a way of thanking the monkeys; the local people strongly believe that good fortunes will follow their visitors.

Home To Movies

5 Facts of Thailand


There have been a number of movies that have been filmed in this great city, from comedy to drama to action and even horror.  Movies like The Big Boss, The Beach, The Hangover Part II and even Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith were filmed in Thailand.

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