5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Russia 2018

With just 10 days to  Russia2018- the biggest showdown of all things football related, it’s not too late time to improve your knowledge of the World Cup and renew the excitement that’s already enveloping the environment. Here are a few facts you need to know about the upcoming football fiesta- The 2018 World Cup.

Rotation Policy Dropped

Brazil was the last country to be chosen to host the World Cup based on the rotation policy which was started in 2004. The new policy was to place a bid with certain criterion- continental confederation has not hosted either of the past 2 World Cups. The countries listed below were in the running of being the host and placing bids on the position:

  • Belgium/Netherlands
  • England
  • Spain/Portugal
  • Russia

Automatic Entry To Play In The World Cup

Seeing as Russia is the host country, they were granted automatic entry to play in the world cup this was granted on 2 December 2010. Apart from Russia, there will be 32 teams involved in the competition-

  • European zones 13 national teams and Russia
  • African Zone- Five national teams
  • Asia and South America Zone – Ten national teams
  • North American Zone- Two national team

Fan Involvement

Fifa World Cup has created different ways to ensure fans are part of this historical football moment. The Fifa Fan Match connects fans from all over the world and fans are allowed to vote for who they think is the greatest World Cup player of all time.

Fifa’s Mascot

Russia2018’s mascot is the Wolf Zabivaka which was designed by a female student- Ekaterina Bocharova. The design was brought to life through an online voting process, whereby the winner won the rights to the 2018 World Cup Mascot.

Game Kick Off

The very first match will officially kick off at 4:00pm- Russia vs Saudi Arabia. The Russian football coach is Stanislav Cherchesov who was once the Russian goalkeeper and the star player is Fyodor Smolov- striker of the team.

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