If you know one of your goals for 2019 is to hit the gym and burn those calories, then you should be reading this, after all, what is the essence of going to the gym if you don’t have calories to burn – Yes! Calories are the other side of the coin to a gym. Food is an important part of the Christmas celebrations in countries around the world. These Christmas delicacies differ in taste – sweet, savoury, or a little bit of everything. However, the magic of Christmas enhances the taste, no wonder eating chicken on Christmas day cannot be compared to eating it on a regular day

Let’s take a look at 5 must-eat Christmas delicacies from different parts of the world.

Christmas Fried Chicken

How do you like your chicken? Crispy, sweet & spicy, Korean style, charcoal lit, chicken in soup or stew. However, This fried chicken is different from other fried chickens because it is usually cut at the joints battered, well-seasoned and deep fried with its bones intact. Over the years, the Scottish frying techniques and West African seasoning techniques were combined to prepare Christmas delicacy. It’s not Christmas fried chicken unless it’s eating on or during the Christmas holiday if in doubt ask KFC Japan.

Christmas fried chicken

Source: Michelin Guide

Pepper Soup

Hot, spicy what have you? The hotter the better, the spicier the merrier. That’s right! the more spices the tastier. Pepper soup is a common Western African cuisine that is prepared with chilli pepper and clove basil as its basic ingredients. Depends on your preference catfish, goat meat or chicken can be added to give it its unique delicious taste. Be more creative with pork, goose, lamb and mutton to achieve different results. Pepper soup is a famous appetizer in Nigeria because it is considered as one of Nigeria’s best Christmas meal.

Christmas pepper soup 2018

Source: Nigerian Lazy Chef


Amongst other things, fruitcake keeps family and friends closer, ask the person who found the fava bean from last year’s fruitcake (Portugal). Slice up the fruitcake, complement it with a fine brand of red wine and your heart will be merry! No matter how old a fruitcake is, it gets tastier year after year because this Christmas dessert is preserved with alcohol or some kind of liquor. Enjoy your fruitcake with glazed nuts, dried fruits, almonds, cherries etc. Despite its funny reputation in American tradition, it still remains the monarchy’s favourite except for Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex who decided to buck the royal tradition at their wedding.

Christmas fruit cake 2018

Source: Rasamalaysia


Come Christmas season in Poland and Greece you’ll have Kołaczki and Melomakarona served buffet style for guests to enjoy. These different styles of cookies come in variety of fillings and toppings – honey soaked or dipped in chocolate. Sweeten your dining table with easy to make Christmas yummy cookies. Roll up your sleeves and make some cookies with the kids this Christmas. They would be excited to help especially when they know it’s Santa’s favourite. Let them leave some Holiday Candy Cookie Bites under the Christmas tree, who knows he may be pleased when he comes down the chimney.

Christmas cookies 2018



On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me a flavour-packed plate of cold greens! Yes, that’s what true lovers do best. Have you considered the nutrients of a healthy salad between all the fried chicken, pudding, ham, casseroles, fish etc. at the Christmas buffet? This crispy dish will balance out your sugar obsessions so don’t skip the salad. Try a shrimp avocado salad, Thai steak salad, Italian roasted cauliflower salad and the list goes on. These Christmas delicacies can be served at any point of your meal so make sure you devour all the crunchy and the creamy goodness of your salad this season. Bon appetit!

Christmas salad 2018

Source: Kblog Lunch Box Bunch

Which Food Will You Try During the Holidays This Year?

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