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5 New Places to Explore in Dubai

Dubai is a city that needs no introduction. Going from a small fishing village to one of the most developed cities in the world, this city has earned itself throngs of tourists that visit all year round. The capital city of the United Arab Emirates and also the business hub of the Middle East, Dubai has something for just about anyone and is popular for its safety, night life, shopping malls, and extensive development. This summer, take a break with Wakanow and enjoy a list of 5 new places to explore in Dubai. Let’s go to Dubai!

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

This recently opened library is the biggest library in the city of Dubai. Made in the shape of an open book, this magnificent edifice lies on the famous Dubai creek. It features a garden, a café, an amphitheater and a library. This library gives readers access to over a million electronic and written books. 

Deep Dive Dubai

This is one of the deepest pools in the world : 60 meters deep! The pool has over 14 million liters of water. It is the only diving facility in the world where you can dive to depths of 60m. The underwater feature resembles an abandoned underwater city and the safety of all divers is ensured. 

Sky Views Dubai:

This is one of the latest attractions for tourists especially those who enjoy to have their adrenaline pumping. The Sky views offer different activities like the observatory, the glass slide and edge walk. With harnesses available for everyone willing to do the edge walk, you can count on being safe. 

The Museum of the Future

Popularly called the most beautiful building in the world, it is one of Dubai’s most famous buildings. The shape of the building is said to be symbolic: the circular shape represents humanity and the greenery represents the earth. The museum is heavily influenced by the visionary culture of the UAE. 

Madame Tussauds

Everyone loves Madame Tussauds because the establishment helps you live out your dreams. Take amazing pictures with wax figures of some of your favorite celebrities.

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