5 Places To Visit This Sallah Holiday
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5 Places To Visit This Sallah Holiday

The Sallah holiday is upon us, and that means the long weekend is slowly approaching. It’s also another perfect time to explore places near you, and if you’re up for it, you can take a dive into a secluded location where the fun just doesn’t stop.

The festival of Eid-el-Fitri Sallah is a very important public holiday in Nigeria amongst the Muslims.

It is celebrated as the feast of breaking the fast and marks the end of Ramadan. The ram used as the sacrifice is in honour of Abraham’s act of obedience.

So, mark your 2017 calendars and let’s make unforgettable memories this Eid-el Maulud 2017. No matter what you’re planning – whether it is an ultimate girls’ trip, a romantic weekend getaway, or a self-discovery trip during this 4-day vacation.

Here’s our fun packed list of 5 places to visit this Sallah holiday. Sit back and relax as we help you make the best memories.


Inagbe Grand Resort

5 Places To Visit This Sallah Holiday

Source: Inagbe Grand Resort

This Ilashe beach resort is perfect for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life and ideal for a relaxed long weekend getaway for couples.

It is one of the best resorts in Lagos that offer the triple threats – sun, sand, and sea. There are a number of exciting activities that will lift your spirits and guarantee you have the best time this Sallah holiday.

Start off at the sports centre and play a number of fun games – tennis, basketball, volleyball and of course, football. Still in the mood for more adrenaline-pumping activities to do this Sallah holiday? The water sports are also available for you to climb onboard- quad bikes, speedboats, and even rays. Eat to your heart’s content and drink till you’re merry at the beautiful restaurant.

Feel the romance in the air as you watch the sunset at this breathtaking beachfront. End the day on a high in one of these relaxing rooms while sleeping like the royalty you are in Inagbe Grand Resort.


Casa Del Papa Resort

5 Places To Visit This Sallah Holiday

Source: Casa Del Papa Resort

If you’re up for a road trip this Sallah holiday, why not take one to Benin, our first hand West African neighbour. There are a number of places to explore in this West African treasure from the- national park, royal palaces, Ouidah museum of history and so much more.

Here’s another chance to increase the number of countries you’ve visited. Your main focus should be the Casa Del Papa Resort. This beautiful resort holds all the pleasures a long weekend getaway has to offer.

Take a ride on the canoe, relax on the beachside, take a dip in the pool and take part in some hiking-biking activities.

Let’s not forget the exhilarating spa available to guests, your body will thank you for all the pampering received.


Red Door Gallery

5 Places To Visit This Sallah Holiday

Source: Red Door Gallery

If you’re the artsy type and love to indulge yourself in diverse visual creations – paintings, sculptures and more, the Red Door Gallery is a prime spot that makes your soul come alive. Take yourself on an adventure around the different galleries in Lagos and arouse your senses with some brilliant pieces. You can start with the Red Door Gallery, one of the contemporary art galleries in Lagos that showcases the best of African art.

The best part of this gallery is its external compartments which host a number of pieces, perfect for taking the ultimate selfie. Even though Red Door Gallery is relatively new, it can still go head to head with other galleries with its state of the art collection of contemporary art that allows artist express themselves on a platform like no other.

The added advantage is that Red Door Gallery holds a number of exhibitions and welcomes new artists, especially those who are not up for the predictable. If you’ll love to explore your personal expression of art, book a spot for art classes, and you will be glad you did.


Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture

Source: Bella Africana Digest

Terra Kulture is every Afrocentric enthusiast’s paradise seeing as everything needed to make your dreams come true are available first hand – from the theatre to the bookstore, gallery, and restaurant. As you walk through the doors, you’re welcomed by the delicious aroma wafting from the restaurant. Take a look at the Terra Kulture food menu, spearheaded by chef Rasheed who provides guests with an array of delicious Nigerian delicacies.

Excite your taste buds with the famous spicy Efo Riro which goes well with a number of local side dishes. There is also a great collection of alcoholic beverages from the local palm wine to the spirits and signature cocktails. After enjoying the delicious meals, head to the bookshop and gallery feast your eyes on some of the finest works from Nigerian artists. No matter the kind of art collections you prefer- paintings, photography, sculptures, Terra Kulture has it all.

End the day at the Terra Kulture Arena and immerse yourself in some of the entertaining African plays on offer.


High Impact Planet Amusement Park

5 Places To Visit This Sallah Holiday

Source: High Impact Planet Amusement Park

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, looking to quench your thirst for excitement, check out High Impact Planet Amusement Park. Situated on the outskirts of Lagos, Ibafo is this grand park with over fifteen exciting rides guaranteed to satisfy your thrills.

There’s something in store for everyone, the young at heart can hop on the Rio Grand train and convoy ride. If you’re not a fan of bumpy rides, go for the exciting indoor games.

You can also experience Boeing 777, courtesy of a computer-aided design that creates an illusion of a flying experience for guests.

If you don’t want the excitement to end in one day, you can book a hotel room nearby, and have fun till you drop.

Get out of your comfort zone this Sallah Holiday and give yourself all the fun you truly deserve,  you’ll be glad you did.

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