5 Reasons to Explore Ghana Soon
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5 Reasons To Visit Ghana This December

    Ghana, one of West Africa’s amazing treasures is a top destination to visit in December. An adventure haven, Ghana assures you of exceptional fun and a very thrilling African experience. There are a ton of reasons why you should visit Ghana to round off the year including the easy accessibility but we’ve picked out 5 main ones for you. Lets get to it!

The People

Ghanaians are some of the warmest and most cheerful people around, so you need not worry about not relating well with the locals. You can always ask questions if you’re a bit confused. Accra is the capital of Ghana, and that is the hub of entertainment and fun. Ghanaian generally speak in English or pidgin English.

The Culture

Ghana is a very culturally diverse nation. Ghanaians enjoy celebrating festivals all year round. Ghana has more than 100 ethnic groups and over 250 languages. You can find people speaking their native languages like Twi, Ewe, Ga, Akan and so much more. The Kente material is native to Ghana and is usually worn when celebrating. Ghanaians also make use of a lot of jewellery when they’re dressed in their native attires. Fante and Ashanti people, usually name their children after the day of the week that they were born.

Thinking about Repatriating to Ghana? Here are Some Tips – Bureau of  African Diaspora Affairs

The Food

Food is a huge part of Ghanaian culture and identity. The main ingredients of traditional Ghanaian foods around Southern Ghana is cassava. Try out Waakye, Jollof rice, Banku, Kenkey, Fufu and so much more. Street foods like: Chichinga, Kelewele, Roasted plaintain and Bofrot are a huge part of Ghanaian life. When being offered food in Ghana, try not to say no or decline politely.

Pin on Waakye - Ghanaian rice and beans Dish

The Climate

A tropical country with temperate weather all year round. There are two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. If your trip doesn’t fall in December, be sure to look out for the rainy season before travelling and then pack appropriately.

Tip: December is usually a harmattan month, where the weather is dry and dusty, always use a generous amount of lotion to avoid dry skin.

Here comes the west African Harmattan Wind - Best Weather, Inc | Jim Roemer

The Cinque Crew

We saved the best for the last: The Cinque Crew is heading to Ghana from 26th- 31st of December! To keep you up to date, the cinque crew is a group of 5 nollywood stars: Mofe Duncan, Mawuli Gavor, Daniel Etim-Effiong, Kunle Remi and Efa Iwara. They are taking on Ghana and would love for you to come along with them to get the best experience. All you need to do is send an email to tourafrica@wakanow.com to book your slot.

You can find more information about visiting Ghana here or you can contact us at Wakanow to help with all your travel needs.

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