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Visa rejection is the last thing you want to hear after investing much time, resources and energy into a visa application process. Below are some of the major reasons that could dim your chances of getting a visa.

#1. History of refusals

If you have a history of visa refusals in the past, never apply again until you consult a trusted visa expert. The danger of not seeking professional advice is that you are likely to damage your travel profile forever.  You don’t want this to happen. The truth is that no embassy would be quick to grant a travel Visa to an applicant with a history of refusals. Such applicants are often seen as desperate to leave their country and may not return.

#2. Misrepresentation of facts

This is where the majority of applicants get everything into a complicated mess. Fake documents and deliberate misrepresentation of personal information or travel history only increase your chances of being denied your visa. Be honest with your answers, especially if you have been denied visa in the past. Dishonesty in situations like this could earn you a lifetime travel ban. If you are unfortunate to get a US ban, this could last forever while the UK ban lasts as long as 10 years, depending on the severity of the case.

#3. When your lifestyle is inconsistent with a visa category

Some applicants often burn their own fingers by choosing a category that does not tally with their lifestyle. Imagine a young man, just fresh out of a Nigerian university, opting for a visa to enjoy a luxurious weekend escape in Antigua in the Caribbean. It’s even worse when such a person has no travel history to back up their new taste for such indulgences.

#4.  Slim bank account

Your bank statement is one reason that can decide the fate of your visa. Every embassy wants to be certain that you have enough in your account to sponsor your trip. Your application could be denied if the officer in charge is not satisfied with your statement of account.

#5. Lack of reasonable ties at home

The visa officer wants to be rest assured that you would return home. So, a few ties to a good job, family and properties could nullify every fear the officer might have of you. If you don’t have such ties, your visa could be denied.

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  1. mathias October 3, 2016 at 7:42 am Reply

    Hello, I am a ghanaian and my girlfriend is a german. we have been dating for 2 yrs now and we want to get married in february 2017. She has been to Ghana 3 times to visit me but I havent been able to visit her in Germany. In 2015 I tried visiting her but I was denied visa because they were not certain i will return and my bank statement was not good.This was stated in a sheet given to me. My question is how good are my chances when we do a court marriage here in ghana. She is 21yrs and a student and am 29 years and working in a private hospital as an NHIS claims officer.
    hope to hear from you soon. thank you

  2. Michael January 8, 2017 at 9:49 am Reply

    From the way you sound, you are more interested in travelling to Germany than the Marriage to the girl. And the truth is i think they are right when they stated that you may not return. This been said, if you get married to a foreigner, the Country has no choice but to grant you a visa.

  3. olumide August 28, 2018 at 11:00 pm Reply

    please how can i apply for a U.S visa as i have been deny twice in 3 to 4 years back now and i want to re-apply now.

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