Valentines Day

5 Things You Must Do This Valentine’s Day to Keep The Flame Alive

In few weeks’ time, pink pearl roses, candy boxes, stemmed red flowers, heart framed prints and other red-tinted backdrops and gifts will be all over the place. It’s another time to pull all the stops and make a statement about how much that special someone means to you.

There is also the pressure to impress and, perhaps, surpass the expectations of your bae, and this could force you into some needless errors that might end up ruining the day altogether. Here are five ways to make the day turn out just the way you planned it.

Let’s go!

Remember the date, please

Imagine waking up on this special day beside your partner presenting you with gifts and flowers only to realize much later that it was all about Valentine’s Day. No matter how understanding your partner is, all the romantic spark will fly out of the window in a flash if you fail to remember this notable day, much less make adequate plans to make it exciting.

Don’t be predictable

We possibly can’t emphasize this point enough. Valentine’s Day is a season of surprises, and not a time to do the same things you have always done together or buy the same gifts you’ve always given your partner. If you have been doing perfumes or dinners, for instance, take a bold step and lock down a personalized Valentine package that ushers you into a world of boundless fantasy. In case you are not sure of simple ways to thrill your lover this Valentine’s Day, you can explore these romantic ways to make the day all the more unforgettable.

Avoid last-minute plans

Special events of our lives are not usually planned the eleventh hour. And if we ever do, they just never turn out well. It’s the same with Valentine’s Day. Your schedules are crazy, we know. Your work schedule has been hectic, we know that too; but taking out some time from your cubicle or corner office to plan that perfect romantic escape for both of you is worth the candle.

Don’t go over the top

Most people think that buying the world for their partner makes the day truly special. How wro ng! You don’t have to break the banks to make your partner feel special. Sometimes, the little things count much more than we ever thought. If you can’t afford a vacation in Paris, fork out only a few bucks and book a romantic getaway in the beautiful city of Calabar. It’s not how much we spend that counts. It’s how we make our partner feel.

Avoid the suspended romance trap

If you have been withholding affection from your partner all along and hoping to dazzle them with love on Valentine’s Day, you just might be up against a brick wall. Love ought to be an everyday language, with Valentine’s Day as the perfect icing on the cake. If you have been excellent in this department of suspended romance trap, you need to start taking baby steps, every day, to show how your partner means the world to you.

By all means, stay away from coupons

We all love great bargains – especially those ones that come with the buy-one-get-one-free option. But nobody feels special being treated to those cheap products from the malls next door. It’s worse knowing that the gift you presented came free with your dinner. You want your partner to be over the moon and not over the top with great disappointment.

You can make this special day truly memorable by taking advantage of these Valentine packages tailored just for you and that special someone. Or you could opt for a special lodging experience with our hotel packages that come complete with complimentary offers and fun things to do.

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