5 Things To Do on Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

It’s that time of the month again. For lovers, it is a great way to show off their love with- overpriced perfumes, teddies, flowers and chocolates (even if you aren’t a chocolate fan). Everything sounds and tastes romantic on the 14th of February. For some, the 14th of February is the opposite. It is known as Singles.Awareness.Day (S.A.D) aka Anti- Valentine’s Day. With this list, we shall show that even singles can have as much fun as lovers.

  1. Hang Out With Friends

Friendships are one of the greatest gifts in life, they make the world go round. With a friend,  there’s always something to laugh about, smile about and something to talk about. This Valentine’s we’ve got the perfect way to celebrate true friendship.


  1. Treat yourself

What better day than Valentine’s to show yourself some love and get a well deserved TLC treatment. Whatever it is that makes you happy- spa treatments, yoga sessions, eating out, binging on old movies. Go right ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve it.

  1. Show Love To Others

It is the day to show all kinds of love- self-love, romantic love and let’s not omit caring for others. Did you know the week of February 11 – 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Instead of focusing on all the social media shenanigans celebrating couples, why not make a stranger or even a family member smile. Volunteer at the charity center, local hospital, old people’s home and so much more.


  1. Get out of town

It’s a good reason to escape your reality and take advantage of the Valentine’s days offers that will be springing up this season. Take this time out to start ticking off things from your travel list. You shouldn’t go overboard though and visit these places, it makes sense to avoid them.


  1.  New You, New Hair

Change your hairstyle you always wanted to do- chop your hair, try a new color, or even try the natural look. Brave up and experiment with different looks, that suits you of course! It’s a good time to love yourself and love change.

Share with us some things you can do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day.


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