5 Top Attractions To Explore in Kenya

Kenya may be famous for its massive safaris that draw thousands of tourists to this East African country every year. But that’s only a drop in an ocean of boundless adventure. Seated between a conclave of highlands intersected by the Great Rift Valley and a sprawling plateau that extends into the east, Kenya radiates romance and pleasure with a sense of danger.

Here are five major ways to make your next trip to Kenya truly memorable.

#1. Dive into the Masai Mara Reserve


At the heart of the Narok County is the deep-lying Masai Mara National Reserve regarded as one of the world’s most magnificent reserves. It extends into the Serengeti on the north, and serves as a wildlife confluence between Tanzania and Kenya. For all its iconic features, this reserve is famous for the dramatic Great Migration where thousands of zebras, gazelles and wildebeest throng the Serengeti, usually from July through October every year.

The sheer abundance of wildlife in this reserve is dizzying – from freely roving lions to elephants, crocodiles, hippopotami, hyenas, cheetahs, etc.

#2. Turn on the fun in Nairobi


Away from the excitement of its iconic safaris and stunning beaches, the city of Nairobi symbolizes the nation’s fun haven. With its vibrant cultural life, imposing architecture and invigorating nightlife, Nairobi is a city where you are always at the heart of the action. Like New York City, Nairobi never sleeps, meaning tourists who want to keep the party going all through the night would be spoilt for fun. Some of the major spots to unwind in this sparkling city include SkyLux Lounge, New Florida better known as MadHouse, Carnivore, etc.

Decades of immigration and colonial experiences have made Kenya a refreshing melting pot of cultures, foods, languages and religions powered by British, Arabian and Indian influences. And the city of Nairobi is the perfect place to interact with the multicultural charm of this East African giant.

#3. Visit the Old Town of Lamu


This island, with a population of about 22,000 people, is one destination where you come face to face with the true Swahili cultures peppered with European influences. There are no vehicles here, and as a visitor, you can easily climb one of the 3,200 donkeys that ply its labyrinthine streets and connect the various spots that define this historical island.

Like most people, you may decide to get aboard a dhow and relish some tasty seafood while you watch the moon rise over the 230 feet Lamu fortress.

#4. Pack your bags, head for Mombasa


Mombasa is one of the most visited destinations in Kenya, bursting with a lot to see and do. As the nation’s second largest city, Mombasa exudes the richness of African tropics following centuries of seafaring. Its incredible coral reefs offer deep-sea fishing, diving, dolphin watching and snorkeling opportunities to tourists, especially in the Wasini waterfront.

History buffs will be blown away by the 15th Century Fort Jesus that overlooks the Old Port of Mombasa. Being a coastal hub, beach lovers will have a swell time exploring Nyali, Bamburi and Diani clear beaches located on the south coast of Mombasa.

#5. Go birdwatching at Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest

Situated in the Kakamega and Kisumu Counties, this Kenya’s only tropical rainforest retains the vestiges of the great tropical rainforest that runs through Central Africa. It is regarded as the foremost birdwatching spot in the country, courtesy of the over 367 species of birds found in this jungle. The presence of hiking trails in this woodland provides opportunities for forest walking and butterfly watching. You could decide to visit Ilesi and have a first-hand view of a sheathed figure perpetually in tears along the Kakamega-Kisumu road.

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