Gone are the days when summer simply marked the beginning of the warmest (or let’s just say ’hottest’) season of the year. Now, summer means vacation time and top holiday destinations will be buzzing with tourists. The summer frenzy is here and if you have already caught the bug and are planning to travel this summer or the next, here are five (5) essential tips to consider for your summer travel:


Travelling is exciting but can also be a pile of terrible experiences for some due to many reasons. One of these reasons is failing to do a quick research on your destination. Find out more about your destination by going online and/or asking a travel expert. You want to be able to call home at cheap rates, even when you are far from home.

Find out the local currency (applicable exchange rate too), popular meals, weather forecast, local culture and tradition, places to shop, languages spoken and even big events happening around your proposed arrival time.

Make a List This Summer

 Summer trip

After your research, the next step is to make a simple list, using your phone or a plain old pen and paper. Assuming you haven’t booked your flight and/or hotel, now is the time to check for rates, or better still, book a holiday package.

Of course, summer rates might scare you but you can plan ahead using Wakanow payment scheme. A few things to consider for your list are your travel dates and time, things to pack, things to do when you arrive at your destination (listing budget besides each, if possible), what to shop for and so much more.

Pack Less 

Summer holiday

Travelling light saves you time and (more) money. We’ve all over-packed in the past and even promised ourselves that the last time will be the very last time. Well, an easy trick is to take only what you need, not what you ‘may need’.

Another trick that works is going with a few clothes and wearing the new clothes you buy on the trip as you can wash them when you return home (except, of course, you are buying only formal clothes). You can also roll your clothes into tiny folds to allow more in the same bag.

How about ‘packing’ all that money and those ATM cards in your wallet? A lot of people make the mistake of taking too many bank cards with them and they end up spending more than they planned to. Well, an easy way to ‘pack less’ is the Wakanow Prepaid Card. It helps you budget well ahead of your trip and there are no transaction charges, to mention a few benefits. Genius, right?

Protect Yourself

Tourists are easily identified, thanks to their map in one hand, camera strapped around the neck and held in place with the other hand, a not-so-travelling-light-friendly backpack (sometimes supported with an extra fanny pack in front to hold ‘valuables’) and constant stopping of locals or people who seem to look like locals for directions.

It is important to be security-conscious and aware of your environment, from the departure airport in your home country, throughout the trip and when you return home. A useful tip is to keep ID and travel documents in a safe but easy-to-reach bag (a clear bag maybe). Don’t forget to ask around for emergency numbers, don’t pack all valuables in one bag and don’t make yourself a target.

Make the Most of it

This tip, of all, is the #majorkey to enjoying your holiday. Smile and say hello, keep an open mind, relax, take lots of cool photos and back them up as soon as you can (but don’t spend all your holiday taking photos), make new friends, eat local food, buy souvenirs, visit major and minor attractions.  

Even if your summer trip happens to be business-related, you should go out when you can and live a little. After all, you only have one life to live.

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