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5 Travel Tips for your Summer Holiday

Summer is a generic term for the warmest season of the year. Additionally, summer is a time to take a break from a regular schedule to relax. Taking a break usually means vacations, staycations and all the ‘cations you can dream of. Wakanow is here to make your travel dreams come through, one city at a time. The summer frenzy is here and if you have already caught the bug and are planning to travel this summer or the next, here are five (5) essential tips to consider for your summer travel:


Travelling is exciting but without researching it can be a pile of terrible experiences. Research helps you prepare your mind especially when visiting some place new. Find out more about your destination by specifically searching for articles related to your desired destination. Learn about the currency, weather, what to wear, local culture and traditions, the best places to shop,  languages spoken and so much more. You can also reach out to Wakanow for any help you think you might need.

Study Abroad Preparation: 8 Fun Ways to Research Your Destination

Make a List

The next step is to make a list. Check for flight fares and hotel prices or book a holiday package to take the hassle off you. Summer is a peak travel period, so you can make it easy by using the Pay small small payment scheme. Consider your travel dates, things to pack, and your travel budget.

 Summer trip

Pack Less 

Travelling light saves you time and (more) money.. Well, an easy trick is to take only what you need, not what you ‘may need’. A few tricks for packing include: taking the things you only need and buying clothes while on vacation. A lot of people also make the mistake of taking too many bank cards with them which makes them spend more than necessary.

Summer holiday

Protect Yourself

It is superrrr easy for tourists to get identified because oftentimes, they carry on things that make them distinct. Things like cameras, fanny packs and maps make it easy to spot tourists. Always remember to be security conscious especially when you get started on your trip from your departure country. Keep ID and travel documents in a safe and distinct place so you can always reach for it when it’s needed. Try not to pack all your valuables in one bag so that if you lose a bag, you don’t lose all your valuables.

Make the Most of it

This is probably the most important part of it, enjoy your holiday! Keep an open mind, make new friends, learn new phrases, fraternise with locals, buy souvenirs and visit local attraction sites. If by chance, your summer trip is business oriented, you can still have lots and lots of fun! As they say, you only live once – YOLO!


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