It’s the most beautiful time of the year, jingle bells and beautiful songs will fill the air.

The best part of Christmas offers ample time with family and friends, good food comes with the season.

If you get to spend the season with your loved ones, you are in luck. Here are 5 ways to have Christmas on a budget.

Explore Local Tourism

Contrary to popular perception, Nigeria has some of the best vacation spots and tourist attractions on the continent that you are yet to explore. Looking for local destinations tailored to your preference just got easier with Destinations Africa.

Nigeria Tourism

Source: Luxury Reporter

Throw a House Party.

Going to parties, eating out with friends and family at the suya spot or shawarma spot is always cool and fun no doubt. However, have you tried a homemade barbecue chicken or grilled fish from the back of your house with some loud music and friends?

Cooking at home might seem stressful but on the flip side, it is way cheaper and you get to choose your own variety and boom! Party!

Dining time also allows you to spend time with the family and friends in your comfort zone.

Karaoke over Music Concerts

Good music can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. So why spend so much on a concert ticket during this period when you can easily walk into a local pub and have quality fun singing and miming all your favourite songs with your friends and family members?

Source: Time Out

4. Hangout in a Park

The best things in life they say are always free and a park offers the perfect setting for just that.

Whether alone or with family and friends, you can have a wonderful adventure, and on a budget too. Just be sure to pack up some food and drinks, board games and some good music. There, you have a perfect recipe for a memorable experience! So locate the park nearest to you.

Hanging out with family

Source: Pexel


Yeah! You heard that right. Sleep.

Sometimes, we get entangled with fun, outdoor activities and neglect how beneficial good sleep can be to the body and mind during this holiday period.

Perhaps, the best way to fall asleep is to watch a movie while munching on some snacks, quite therapeutic. You’ll certainly feel refreshed after.


Source: Consumer Reports

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