5 Ways to make this Valentine’s Day Special

5 Ways To Make This Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is that one day dedicated just to love. Everyone pulls out all the stops to express the love they have for their special ones. As we approach Valentine’s Day, love is in the air, couples are making special plans, singles are looking for new love and the hopeless romantics are dreaming up another perfect love.

If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably looking for that special thing to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for you and your boo. Here are 5 ways you can make this Valentine’s Day one to remember

Cook a meal for her

Guys, this one is for you! Unless you’re a chef by profession, or just love to cook generally, chances are you haven’t really cooked your bae a nice meal.
Valentine’s Day is a good time to start. Try cooking a nice 3-course meal, catered to her personal tastes. It’s a great gesture and the reward of seeing her face as she tries a bite of your delicious meal, cooked with love, is completely worth it.

Pro tip: Don’t skip dessert. It’s much easier than you’d think to whip a quick chocolate mousse, and chocolate is the perfect end to a meal and a start to a romantic night.

 Valentine’s Day Special
If cooking isn’t your cup of tea, plan to take your special one on a romantic dinner at one of their favourite restaurants. Set the mood. Ask your boo if they’d like to go on a date. Ensure you get a private table for 2, and dress for the occasion. A bottle of champagne and a heart to heart conversation completes a perfect meal.

Go on a short trip

Who says you can’t take five days off work to spend time with the love of your life? here’s a perfect chance for a mini vacation to escape the stresses of daily life, and just get some alone time.
Can’t afford to travel too far? Wakanow has exclusive Valentine’s Day “staycation” deals for you. Yep, “staycation”, a vacation that’s close to home.

Book a hotel

If you can’t get off from work at all, you can still escape daily life, and get some alone time. Book a room for 2 in a nice hotel near you. Make sure your room has a view, a Jacuzzi for 2 and a nice spa, and enjoy the weekend. Check out our fantastic hotel deals

A couple’s spa date surprise

If a hotel is too pricey, there’s always another alternative. Book a couple’s massage at a fancy spa. Choose a package that helps relax, rejuvenate and de-stress you.
Don’t tell your husband you’ve done this and come Valentine’s Day, surprise him by taking him straight to the spa. Everyone loves a good, relaxing massage.

Pro tip: Write your sweetheart a love letter for them to read while enjoying the spa treatment. Be prepared for lots of hugs and kisses after.

Valentine’s Day is a day for the lovers, and many couples fall in love all over again on this day. Take the chance to just reconnect with your partner, and have an engaging, meaningful conversation free of any distractions. Invest the time and effort and you’ll see your love grow stronger.

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