Whether you love to have a breakfast with a dolphin, swim with the sharks or kick back in those laid-back destinations, there are unusual places where miracles still happen. So, if you must travel anywhere this May, your experience will be incomplete if your destination is missing from this list. Having helped thousands of travelers navigate some of the most exclusive spots around the world, we have outlined 6 major places to travel this month of May.

#1. Namibia

Places to Visit, Places to visit in May, Things to do in May

Only last year (2016), about 1.3 million people visited Namibia, and yet, travel advisors believe these figures could be more, considering the sheer magnitude of what the country has to offer in terms of tourism.

Of all the superlatives used to describe this beautiful country, nothing comes close to personally experiencing its stunning landscapes, slouching desert and elite wildlife watching expeditions.  It’s a destination where dunes take on the form of a mountain, and where you can quietly scribble your own story in its rocks and sands.

Make no mistake about it: Namibia belongs to the Hall of Fame of Africa’s most beautiful natural wonders – from the captivating sunset at Sossusvlei to the sand dunes tumbling down freely into the sea at Sandwich Harbour.

#2. Uganda

Places to Visit, Places to visit in May, Things to do in May

It’s tempting to overlook the tourist potentials of this African country on the basis of its small size. But this destination, once dubbed as the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill, is definitely worth a visit this May. It is one of the least explored destinations in the continent and recent efforts by the country’s tourism board mean it would likely rub shoulders with Kenya and Tanzania in no time. Their drive to revamp the nation’s tourism sector is highly commendable, and this is a cheery news for tourists who want to share in the nation’s cultural diversity.

If you are the adventurous type, you could go for gorilla tracking in its impenetrable jungles and discover everything unspoilt from the quintessential mountain gorilla to the three-horned chameleons.

This hidden pocket of African treasures also lay claim to one of the longest rivers in the world, with two major tributaries. Nestled on the Eastern Uganda is the intoxicating mix of adventures and stunning sceneries – from the heartland of Karamojong to the Kidepo Valley National Park.

#3.  Singapore

Places to travel, Top places to travel in May, Things to do in May

There are places you travel to for the very first time, and you are hooked for life. Singapore is it! It is a top destination that surely cuts the ice with anyone interested in incredible food, soaring skylines, rich colonial heritage, arts and culture. For a start, go all the way for the high-end shopping thrills or delve into the world’s largest giant observation wheel – the Singapore Flyer, sipping your favorite high tea while you catch a panoramic view of the city’s elevated skylines. There are places to travel and there are places to experience the energy of the world. Singapore is one of them.

#4. Kenya

Places to travel, top places to travel in May, Things to do in May

Where else in Africa are you likely to discover some of the most iconic safaris in the world? You will be wrong to omit the Magical Kenya. This is one of the hottest places to travel right now. A vacation in this East African country offers an experience that always prompts a comeback. Whether it is the dizzying wildlife in Masai Mara or the clear, sandy beaches of Mombasa, Kenya is a fountain of exclusive coastal treasures and sights waiting to be explored this May.

Somewhere on the banks of the palm-fringed Ewaso Nyiro River is found the adrenaline-popping Buffalo Springs and Shaba Reserve famous for its abundance of long-necked antelopes, Grevy’s zebras, gerunks and ostriches.

For birders, head to Lake Naivasha which seats atop the Great Rift Valley and houses over 400 species of birds, including the African fish eagles. After hectic day of snaking your way around the many attractions on offer in Kenya, you can switch on the fun in Nairobi, the nation’s largest city. By day, Nairobi is a bursting cosmopolitan hub of East Africa, but by night, it transforms into a city of serene hangouts with equal measure of fun.

#5. Sri Lanka

Places to travel, top places to travel in May, Things to do in May

This island nation in Southern Asia has had its spell on tourists for centuries, and that enchantment is not likely to wane any time soon. Even the 13th Century explorer Marco Polo was unable to resist the seductive charm of this fascinating natural beauty. Its rich collection of rare spices, magnificent elephants, absorbing beauty and precious stones have continued to draw European, Indian, Arabian merchants and explorers alike.

Till date, Marco Polo’s description of Sri Lanka as the world’s finest island of its size is still very true. Imagine coming in direct contact with Adam’s Peak, a spot regarded as Adam’s first encounter with Mother Earth shortly after being chased out of the Garden of Eden. As a traveler, you can recreate your own paradise in Sri Lanka’s palm-fringed shores, abundant wildlife and rolling landscapes.

#6. Jerusalem

Places to travel, Places to travel in May, Things to do in May

The name Jerusalem invokes images of holy sites and rich, medieval architecture.  But there is more to this world’s holiest city. A dash into the Old City brings you in close contact with Jerusalem’s most holy sites, such as the Temple Mount, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Via Dolorosa, Hurva Synagogue and several historical sites.

It’s advisable not to visit these sites in a hurry, as most of the attractions oozes their unique vibes and charm waiting to be discovered.  Get lost in the mazy alleyways as you stroll from site to site, exploring the story behind every stone in this amazing city. Without doubt, this city remains one of the most mysterious places on the planet, and is one of the top places to travel this month of May.

Interestingly, most of these destinations are best explored with these customized packages that not only take your special interest into consideration, but also leave you with memories that could last a lifetime.


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