Christmas is here again, and Santa Claus is in town. Now, that’s barely the best part. The Christmas season offers the chance to spend ample time with family, friends and enjoy some great food. So, if you’re travelling, you’re in luck. Here are 6 essential travel tips this Christmas season.

Be digital

A young lady using her phone to check-in online

There’s a whole lot you could use a phone for. If you’re traveling by air, you can avoid long queues by using the online check-in service and track your flight. You can easily contact the airline customer service desk when you need. And if you ever get stuck in a queue, you’ll find some recreational use for your phone.

Prepare for crowds

A hearty Christmas crowd

With schools closed and businesses winding low, you’re sure to experience human traffic everywhere. Simply take a cue from the Boy Scouts’ motto. It’ll sure do you a whole lot of good to have your mind prepared.

Time your travel

A travel planner calendar - 6 essential travel tips
A travel well-planned is a travel enjoyed. And yes, we do mean that in the most literal sense. Make out time to outline your itinerary and things to do, but most importantly, ensure you do enough to beat the last minute rush. By all means, avoid travelling on Christmas Eve if you can.

Travel light

Christmas adventure props - plane, passport, money, camera, compass, note pad with text "The World is yours", binoculars, jeans, watch, flip flops, wallet on white wooden table

Except you’re being chauffeur-driven to a staycation spot, try not to be stuck with a heavy luggage. It’ll make your life easier plus it’ll help you avoid excess baggage charges.

Pack safe

A luggage secured with a padlock
Nothing dampens the Christmas spirit more than damaged or stolen luggage. Avoid packing sensitive gadgets or presents in checked-in luggage, except you absolutely have to. We trust you’ll thank us later for this.

Don’t forget your Christmas spirit

A family in a festive Christmas mood
A merry heart is like a medicine. Be sure to light up your holiday with fun things. Be merry. Beam a smile when you can, and don’t forget, Christmas only comes once a year. Happy holidays, everyone.

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