6 Simple Ways To Enjoy A Long Flight

A long flight can be as boring as a bad movie, especially when you lack a rock-solid plan to deal with the snag. A 14-hour flight from Nigeria to USA, for instance, could turn out like the Israelites’ journey to the promised land, especially if you don’t plan ahead for the trip.We have handpicked six great ways to ensure that your long flight is fun:

#1. Take the ear plugs


Turning up the beats with your headphones works pretty well on a long flight. If you love great music, now is the time to escape into the world of sweet sounds. Or if blockbusters are what indulge your senses, you may consider seeing a movie or two from your mobile device.

Or if you are not so lucky to have movies or great songs on your device, you may consider exploring the variety of entertainment options on the plane. In case you are not sure how to operate these entertainment systems, there’s no harm asking for help.

#2. Explore the pages of books


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If you are like most people who rarely have the time to read, a long flight offers a perfect window to regain your lost reading hours. While packing your suitcases, remember to add all the great, engaging titles in your library.

Don’t let these precious hours burn away. Read. Write. Engage your brain with good books!


#3. Beat DVT; take a walk

A major risk associated with long flights is Deep Vein Thrombosis – a situation which occurs when blood clot forms in your deep veins due to long periods of being immobile. Don’t be afraid to take a walk down the aisle, literally speaking.


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Research shows that the risk of DVT are higher when a flight exceeds four hours. So take a walk up and down the aisles of the plane and stretch your legs for improved blood circulation. Take enough liquids too and avoid caffeinated drinks.


#4. Keep your stuff safe

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Most in-flight theft happens in long haul flights. Quite a lot of people sleep off, allowing unscrupulous folks the chance to make away with other passengers’ money or items. So keep your stuff in impenetrable areas of your bags. To lose valuables on a trip is one experience you don’t need to have.


#5. Get your comfort kit together


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Being comfortable improves your well-being while on a long flight. Your suitcase is not complete until you take along your neck pillow, compression socks, eye masks, noise-cancelling earplugs and loose-fitting clothes. These are items that could banish most of the nightmares associated with your long haul flight.


#6. Choose your seat carefully


If you think you are going to be awake for the most part of the journey, a seat by the aisle is a nice idea. It allows you move around when you want to. But if sleep is a top priority on your bucket list, consider a seat by the window that gives you something to lean on. This way, you will be less disturbed by other passengers who might want to exit their seats from time to time.

Still, your first step to an exciting trip starts at the flight booking point. Booking with a trusted portal like Wakanow offers you complementary expert advice and added services such as Travel SIM Card that enables you stay in touch with loved ones at unbeatable call rates.



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