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7 Easy Travel Snacks to Bring on a Plane

Let’s face it, airline food can be somewhat boring, it’s even more upsetting when you are travelling and at the same time, you’re on a diet plan. There is no harm packing some travel snacks in your carry on for you and your family.  We have listed 7 easy travel snacks to pack on an aeroplane.

Dry fruits & nuts

travel snacks nuts

Apart from being beneficial to the brain and essential for weight loss, it is naturally high in monounsaturated fatty acids which helps combat jet lag and flight fatigue. You can pack some of these snacks in portable leak proof lunch bags that fit into your carry on. Most popular fruits and nuts include Pistachios, almonds, dates, cashews etc.

Granola bars

Except you’ve got some “healthy” homemade granola bar recipes, granola bars are easy to get in stores and convenient to pack for your trip. You can pack some in a Ziploc bag, put in your hand luggage and once you go hungry, you know just what to do 😉 Granola bars last long and do not perish so travel the world with this energy fueling bars. When picking healthy granola bars, be sure to look out for those with high fibre and protein.

Fruit snacks

fruit snacks for travel

The benefits of these fruits snack cannot be overemphasized. These fruity chewable snacks help you stay hydrated and comfortable during flights. Its light delicate smell doesn’t bother other passengers on board. Pack up some fruit snacks in a Ziploc bag or grab some at the store on your way to the airport.

Alternatively, you can pack up some cucumbers, olives, carrots etc. (just make sure to drain the water so it doesn’t get messy) in a leak-proof lunch box and indulge in a healthy snack on your flight from Lagos to London.  

Plantain chips

travel snack plantain chips

Spiced or unspiced dried plantain chips is a good snack to have on the plane. Pack a handful of plantain chips into a Ziploc bag for your trip on board. Did you know that each medium plantain contains 4.1 grams of dietary fibre which helps control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and also prevent constipation?


popcorn travel snack

Movies or no movies everyone love to *grab popcorn*. Popcorn is always a fun and entertaining snack that gets rid of boredom and keeps you awake. So whether you’re on a long or short-haul flight, popcorn is your best companion. If you like, you can also pack up some herbal flavour tea bags into your hand luggage for a refreshing cup of tea.

Potato chips

travel snack potato chips

Whether homemade or bought in the store, potato chips are the ideal travel snacks for your short flight from Abuja to Accra. Potatoes are a good source of potassium and vitamin C. Pack some in a Ziploc bag for you and yours. Be sure to open the bag of potato chips especially those bought in the store before you get on the plane -the air pressure does interesting things. 


travel sandwiches

Whether it’s a feta, finger or club, sandwiches are always a great snack right before the scheduled meal times on the plane. These sandwiches are easy to make within a few minutes. Whether you are looking for a quick dessert idea or a salty and savoury snack, there are several recipes you can try out for your long journey that will stay fresh and intact as long as it’s neatly wrapped up in a container.

If you’re still in doubt of the type of snacks that are allowed, the TSA search tool allows you to look up specific snacks and food types. Feel free to share your experiences with us.


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