7 essential tips for your Easter travel

7 essential tips for your Easter travel

Holidays are a great time to let your hair down and unwind. For some people, it’s simply exploration time, offering an escape from the ordinary and routine.

This Easter season offers the perfect opportunity for an albeit short but deeply refreshing getaway. That said, there are some basic things you can always count on to improve your Easter adventure.

Find here 7 essential tips for your Easter travel.

Pack light

small luggages on airport conveyor belt

Happiness is light or sure looks like it. So when travelling, be sure to eliminate clutter. For your Easter travel, don’t pack like you’re getting deported. Calvary might prove a little farther than you think.


Do your research

Eliminate second guesses with adequate research towards your Easter travel. This will not only help in foreplanning but will go a long way in determining overall travel experience.

Get intimate early enough with airports, your itinerary, weather conditions, local customs and much more. You’ll find Google somewhat useful in this regards.


Spend the credit, earn the miles

image with a phone and credit cards

Now, I know this may sound strange but a great way to enjoy freebies in the fall is to spend more early in the year. Book your flights and save up your miles for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You’ll find plenty use for them later. 


Respect others

a small poster that reads, "respect others"

Respect for others makes the world go round. So, save some respect for everyone you meet on your Easter adventure. The lowliest, insignificant person may have the power to turn around your trip or your life. Even if you don’t believe in karma, by all means, don’t be a sociopath on the prowl.


Be invisible

A lady busy with her phone at an airport lounge

Celebrities avoid paparazzi for good reasons. They cause unnecessary delays and may even degenerate into full-blown problems. So, keep a rather low profile as you travel this Easter. Don’t talk more than necessary and you’ll simply be surprised at how much energy you have saved. Desiderata.



pretty lady smiling with her passport

This is one small, inexpensive detail with tremendous potentials to make or mar a travel experience. Simply put, this magical gesture will literally open you more doors than Sesame, plus if you flash yours you’re likely to get one back.


Shop Souvenirs

Easter souvenirs in a shop

One easy way to engrave memories in gold is to tie them to souvenirs. So, if you’re planning a memorable Easter getaway, be sure to get some mementos for yourself and the family. They’ll simply love you for it.

If you have any other tips for easter travel you think should make this list, please feel free to share them in the comments section. Here’s wishing everyone safe, happy and memorable Easter travel experiences all across the world!


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