This 2016 Easter holiday, you need to unwind and you need the best Easter travel deals. Let us suggest 7 places for you to travel and have a good time. And the best part, our Easter travel deals last till the 15th of April 2016. Stay on hols all you want!



7 Places to Travel to this Easter 2016

Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of East Africa perfect for a beach getaway. An endless line of white sands, blue waters and pebbles await you on this magical island. Insist on a Blue Island safari when you arrive. [Click to book a package to Zanzibar]


Soma Bay, Egypt

7 Places to Travel to this Easter 2016

Somabay, Egypt’s best kept secret, is a coastal resort just off the Red Sea lined with arguably some of the finest hotels on the continent, including Sheraton Hotel. If you’re the type who likes to have a bit high-end luxury mixed up with your fun after spending the afternoon golfing, Somabay is right for you.  [Click to book an Easter package to Soma Bay]


Dubai, UAE

7 Places to Travel to this Easter 2016

Dubai is a shopping hub – you’ve probably been there for business before. But what you might not know is that it’s also the home of some of the most cultured hotel staff you can find around. Prepare your family and let’s kick start your 4-day holiday with these Easter weekend travel deals to Dubai from N119,000. [Book an Easter package to Dubai]


Cape Town, South Africa

7 Places to Travel to this Easter 2016

Placed carefully on a peninsula just under the Table Mountain, Cape Town is an urban city replete with all you would expect of an Easter holiday destination: attractive topography, sandy beaches, playful dolphins and affordable 4-star hotels. Make sure to take views of the city while you ride in the city’s cable car system. [Book an Easter package to Cape Town]


Calabar, Nigeria

7 Places to Travel to this Easter 2016

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You would like to enjoy Easter with your family but would rather not visit an embassy to do that? Calabar is just perfect for you. Calabar is one place that can help you refresh all you want.

Have you tried a full-course traditional Efik dinner before? Does wildlife attract you? Would you like a free city tour? And would you like to visit Africa’s premier business resort Tinapa? With less than NGN 100,000, you can be in Calabar by Easter. [Book an Easter package to Calabar]


Lagos, Nigeria

7 Places to Travel to this Easter 2016

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Not the type who likes to travel far with family? Spending Easter in a Lagos hotel means you can hit the ground running after your break and you don’t have to worry about booking a flight. Phew! We can make Easter happen for you right here with our Lagos Easter Staycation packages. And we don’t just mean basic hotels. You get to choose from the best hotels in Lagos including Federal Palace Hotel and Eko Hotel & Suites.  [Book an Easter staycation package in Lagos]


Johannesburg, South Africa

7 Places to Travel to this Easter 2016

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This one’s for you if you’ve got loved ones in Jo’burg. After all, what’s Easter without family and friends? Drop by this Easter and enjoy some exquisite dinner at Radisson Blu Gautrain with your family. With weekend flights deals to Johannesburg in surplus and Wakanow ready to help with your visa application, planning your family’s Easter trip could hardly be easier.  [Book an Easter package Jo’burg]
So tell us, where will you be this Easter?

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