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7 Reasons to Visit Jordan

Jordan’s location in the Middle east makes people unsure about visiting because travelers often think that the country has nothing to offer. However, Jordan has tons of exciting adventures to offer and is a truly remarkable country to visit. Exploring Jordan with Wakanow means that you get to enjoy the very best of Jordanian culture. If you’re considering going on a holiday, we’ve compiled 7 reasons to visit Jordan.

Behold Incredible Landscapes

Jordan has one of the most incredible landscapes. With unique deserts like Wadi rum that has a mars-like landscape, you’d definitely be left in awe. Amman, on the other hand, is a bit mountainous so yet to see the most stunning sunsets. Wherever you choose to visit in Jordan, the beautiful and unique landscapes will blow your mind away.

Its a Safe Destination

Jordan’s location gives it some form of bad rep but that is far from the truth. In spite of its location, Jordan is a very safe destination to visit. You’ll find it easy to move around the country without fear.

The Delicious Meals

Jordanian food scene is quite exciting. It can be said to have origins from different parts of the Middle East. You can find different variations of Jordanian meals across the Middle East. Apart from falafel and hummus, there’s a large variety of food to try. Food is such an important factor in the culture so you’ll find locals offering you food.

Visit Historical Sights

Jordan looks to offer you tons of exciting adventures. From Petra to Amman to Wadi Rum and even the dead sea. Go on a desert safari and have a meal with the Bedoiun people. With a trip to Jordan, you get to make timeless memories and walk in places with a lot of history behind them.

Float in the Dead Sea

The lowest point on earth – the dead sea is locate in Jordan. One of the most fascinating things about the dead sea is the high level of salinity in the water which makes it impossible to sink. Take some time off to for a mud bath and thereafter, go floating in the dead sea. Exciting!

The Hospitable People

Jordanians are quite popular for their hospitality and warmth. It is ingrained in their culture so you might get a few invites into the homes of locals. They take pride in taking care of their guests so they usually do not expect you to come along with anything. In fact, wherever you find yourself in Jordan, you can be sure that there’ll always someone to lend a helping hand if you need one.

No Visa Hassles

Everyone dreads the long queues for visas and the documentation involved. Luckily, you can avoid these by getting a visa on arrival. Getting a visa on arrival means that at the point of entry into Jordan, your passport gets stamped and you can stay for the number of days your visa allows.

All of these and more are reasons why you should visit Jordan. Wondering what to do for fun in Jordan? Read all about it here.

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