7 Reasons to Visit Namibia

Travel is nothing without lots of surreal experiences: ones where you have to pinch yourself just to be sure of reality. So of course, when looking to choose a holiday destination, you think of where you can get the most magical experiences. Namibia is one of such places : a beautiful southern African country blessed with phenomenal landscapes. It is often referred to as Africa’s hidden gem. You might need a few reasons why you should visit Namibia so we’ve come up with seven solid reasons for you to. Let’s get to it!

Its a safe country

Namibia is a very safe country and generally considered very tourist-friendly. The people are generally very warm so you can always ask for help especially when you need directions. Even as a solo traveller, you can be sure of being safe. Just hire a car and get around to all the places on your list.

Namibia open to receive international tourists who test COVID-19 negative |  Times of India Travel

Experience exciting cultures

Namibia is home to many cultures and its only right that you get to experience both the cultures and ways of life. Namibian ethnic groups share similar customs and languages. Damara, Kavango, Herero, Ovambo and Himaba are some Namibian ethnic groups. Visit Namibia’s tribal people and learn about the San bushmen, the painted Himba people and brightly dressed Herero people. Explore their arts, crafts and even the distinct language of the Damara people.

Meet the Himba tribe: Offer FREE SEX to guest; and doesn't bath | Pulse  Nigeria

Its lovely architecture

For tourists who are intrigued by designs and architecture, Namibia is a little heaven. You get to feast your eyes on the most stunning buildings. Visit Swakopmund to see the lovely colonial traditional German buildings or the skeleton coast to see the shipwreck lodge.

Nina Maritz Architects completes shipwreck-themed timber cabins for  travelers in Namibia

Exotic wildlife

With an exceptional abundance of wildlife, if you enjoy spotting animals, Namibia has to be on top of your list. Namibia has a bunch of parks for this sole purpose: Etosha national park, Bwabwata national park and Khaudum national park. Enjoy a life time experience of viewing elephants, lions, gemsboks, hyenas and many more.

Wildlife in Namibia | Everything to know | Discover Africa Safaris

Namib Desert

This is probably the most beautiful part about going on a trip to Namibia. The Namib desert is where the desert meets up with the ocean. The Namib desert is the world’s oldest desert. Take in the surreal beauty of the expansive desert and marvel at the magical sand dunes.

Photos: Along the Namibian Coast - The Atlantic

Go hiking on the Canyons

The second largest canyon in the world is the Fish river Canyon in Namibia. Its a top tourist destination in the country. It is perfect for adventurous tourists to go hiking in and take the beautiful sights in.

Hiking Namibia's Fish River Canyon - Lonely Planet

Its not a common choice

Finally, one of the greatest perks of visiting Namibia is that its tourism sector is still growing. By virtue of this, you can get certain experiences at cheaper rates than you would anywhere else. Explore all of the natural beauty that Namibia offers without breaking the bank. Bear in mind that the best time to visit is from July to October.

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