There’s more to travel than packing a few bags and jetting out. If you travel often, you’ll find you’re doing yourself a whole lot of good. And if you don’t, there’s plenty of room for change. Here are our top 7 reasons why travel is good for you.

1.  See the World

How to meet people around the world

Travel provides ample learning and education about places and history. This helps to better connect to other cultures and people. To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

2.  Pump that Break

go on a vacation

Sometimes, we need to slow down and take a break from our fast-paced lives. Travel does just this and sure leaves pleasant memories too.

3.  Get Nerdy

boost your creativity

Do you want to boost your creativity? Then, travel more. Travel will expand your awareness and reinvigorate your creativity.

4.  Lose the Steam

take a break from emotional stress

Need some time away from emotional drama? Travel is the answer. Travel gives you time to heal and recover from emotional stress. Plus, it’s a sure way to regain enthusiasm for life.

5.  Be a Nicer Person

be a nicer person

Want a surge in EQ? Travel is key. Meeting new people helps you develop empathy skills. This further helps to better understand other people’s perspectives and opinions.

6.  Win that Struggle

break bad habits and breathe

If you want to break a bad habit, try travelling. First-time experiences will tilt the tide in your favour. Plus, it will help you confront your fears of the unknown.

7.  Discover Yourself

rediscover yourself

A sure way to discover (or rediscover) yourself is by travelling. Travel pushes the bounds and dimensions of our minds. As someone aptly puts it, “a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” 

So, start making plans to travel somewhere new today. Soon enough, you’ll find out that investment in travel is one of the best investments in yourself. If you’re undecided where to go, you can find cool travel ideas as well as great travel deals here.


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