7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation
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7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation

Valentine’s day or season is another time to pull that romantic stunt – whisk the one you love away and spend quality time with him or her. To help you and your best half plan a romantic Valentine getaway, here are our top 7 romantic destinations for a Valentine vacation:  

Positano, Italy

7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation

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Although it would be impossible to find a spot on the Amalfi Coast that isn’t screaming romantic, the village of Positano is simply the best when it comes to playing cupid’s haven. Spend time with bae in this breathtaking seaside town. Lay on the beach as you take in the stunning views of the sunset and blue waters, eat and shop till you drop. What more could you ask for a romantic Valentine vacation?


Santorini, Greece



Santorini is simply jaw-dropping! Dine out with bae in one of the many restaurants overlooking the caldera – talk about views for days! Catch the gorgeous sunset from the Byzantine castle ruins or the Akrotiri lighthouse. Santorini simply oozes so much romance you’ll never want to leave.


Seville, Spain

7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation

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It’s Valentine’s season and your best half deserves that fairytale experience. Seville is right here for you. The city features stunning architectural treasures like the Royal Palace of Seville and the Seville Cathedral. With so many beautiful parks, stunning views and amazing restaurants, be eternally frozen in time.

Take a romantic stroll, relax in the Arabic baths, ignite your sense of adventure in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, enjoy the flamenco nights – simply fall in love!


The Maldives

7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation

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The Maldives – the most romantic archipelago on earth is perfect for a Valentine vacation. Get all the privacy you and your significant other need here – find your own private haven at one of the overwater bungalows. Feel like you are in a world of your own as you lay on the private white-sand beaches. Create memories together as you sail the lagoon, go snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and a host of other activities. Don’t forget all that great seafood options.

Islamorada, Florida

7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation

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Looking for Valentine’s day getaway featuring luxury resorts, picture perfect sunsets and miles away from the noise and rowdiness? Well, because you and bae deserve it, step into the breathtaking world of Islamorada. Named the Purple Isle and nestled in the Florida Keys, Islamorada would have you at hello. Islamorada is just perfect for Valentine’s day weekend getaways.


Big Sur, California

7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation

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Can’t afford to go to Italy right now? Not to worry,  you can visit California’s own Italian Riviera – Big Sur. Make the Santa Lucia Mountains and waterfalls your backdrop in that mushy selfie. Want to take your relationship to the next level? The stunning oceanfront of Monterey County has got your back. Thank me later. *winks.  

Don’t leave without spending time at the Pfeiffer State Beach – one of the world’s rare purple sand beaches, with the turquoise waters, the contrast is simply breathtaking. The pictures you would take though! Memories of a perfect Valentine vacation


7 Romantic Destinations for a Valentine Vacation

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You really didn’t think we would leave Paris out of the list now, did you? One of the most romantic cities for Valentine’s day, with sidewalk cafes just right for getting cozy, the Eiffel tower, shopping sprees, some of the world’s most passionate art and hotels. Who could forget the city of love?

I hope these Valentine trip ideas help your romantic getaway plan go smoothly. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance 😉

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