Welcome to Russia, officially the largest country on the surface of the earth. Russia lays claim to a giant landmass that straddles parts of Europe and Asia.

Forget the media hype. There’s actually more to Russia than nukes, Putin, the KGB and the Russian Mafia. Russia is home to some 143,964,709 friendly and fun-loving people. Little wonder football’s biggest party is scheduled for Russia next June.

Artistic Russian map

So, if you’re still unsure what to expect at this year’s football Mundial, here are 7 interesting things to watch out for during Russia 2018.


Your favourite football stars

Russia 2018 fixtures/schedule

Hurray, football’s biggest party is going down this June. Russia 2018 will see the finest talents in the football universe go head-to-head. You can watch every dribble, every tackle, every goal live in a sea of vibrant colours. And if you’re lucky, you could get an autograph or two. Maybe even a selfie with your favorite football star. Who knows?


Delicious European food

Russia 2018 - Russian food

New food is much like a new relationship. So, if you’re game for some new culinary adventure, hitch the ride to Russia. There, you can try out the Borscht, Pirozhki, Stroganoff, Chicken Kiev, Shashlik, and my personal favorite, Zakuski. Expect to find some choice vodka, and an interesting range of tea and warm alcoholic drinks (medovukha and kvass) the North Pole has to offer.


A vibrant nightlife

Inside a russian nightclub

We know that you know California knows how to party. What we know you probably don’t know is how vibrant nightlife in downtown Moscow is. Moscow, in every sense of it, is the city that never sleeps. So, if you’re seeking to amp up the World Cup fun this June, Moscow’s got you covered. You’ll find an array of rough-and-ready bars as well as a choice selection of “elite” nightclubs to make you party like it’s 99. Just be sure not to hop off with the most beautiful woman you find in the club. Well, um, let’s just say she might not exactly be available.


An interesting street life

Russian street life

Russian cities offer one of the most interesting street life Europe has to offer. From beautifully paved streets to minibars, bistros, and an efficient transport system, there’s plenty to soak in on the typical Russian street. If you speak a little Russian or at least show some willingness to learn you should navigate Russian cities with relative ease. Easy as cake if you have a Russian guidebook in hand. And if you should ever run into language trouble, you can trust Google to come to your rescue.


Beautiful monuments

St Basil's Cathedral - a popular Russian Monument

Very few cities in the world offer the exotic blend of historical, political, and religious monuments available in Russia. Make plans to visit the Kremlin, Tsar Bell, ‘The Motherland Calls’ statue, Alyosha monument, Hermitage Museum, Irkutsk, Saint Sophia Cathedral and many more.


A fascinating language

Russian alphabets

Frank Smith, a psycholinguistic once said, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Fancy opening some Russian doors in the corridor of life? Consider making the trip to Russia this June. You’ll find a fascinating language and culture that will help you connect with some of the world’s friendliest and fun-loving people. As for me, I’d like to say “Привет, прекрасная леди” in a Russian city again. Well, you may have to come to Russia to find that out what that means.


Rare and exotic wildlife

A siberian tiger in a Russian wildlife park

Russia is home to some of the world’s rarest and most exotic wildlifeSiberian tigers, Amur leopards, Amur tigers, brown bears, Eurasian lynx. Here at the Northern end of the world, you can connect with nature like nowhere else. Plus, some zoos actually allow you to name some animals. And if you want, you can dub the least favourite animal you find with your least favourite politician’s name. No one would know. Yeah, right. **wink**

Prepare to soar to Russia 2018 the Wakanow way. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime adventure; well, except you plan to stay around till Russia gets to host another world cup. Maybe in another 100 years …


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