Must-see spots in Rwanda

7 Top Must-See Spots In Rwanda

You may not find imposing skyscrapers in Rwanda, but there are unique attractions that have come to define this land of a thousand hills. From her annual baby gorilla naming ceremony that draws dignitaries from far and wide to her impressive plateaus and wildlife, Rwanda is one place where man is never far away from nature.

Wondering where to find these perfect destinations in this country of a thousand hills? In no particular order, we have picked top 7 top must-see spots in Rwanda where you experience the energy of this historical city.

#1. Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village

Must-see spots in Rwanda

Here is one spot that brings you face to face with Rwandan culture and history. With all the trappings of a typical, traditional Rwanda village of yore, this community is the best place to connect with the traditions of the country. Community walks, traditional dances amidst the vibration of drums, ex-poachers hunting games, craft making and exciting soccer games with locals are some of the activities you clearly would not want to miss.

#2. Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu Rwanda

If you crave adventure just the same way Juliet loved Romeo, this fascinating coastline should be on your bucket list the next time you visit Rwanda. Situated on a water-front at the beginning of the Congo-Nile Trail, windsurfing, swimming, biking and hiking expeditions are major attractions that may be better enjoyed with that special someone.

#3. National Volcano Park

Must-see spots in Rwanda

This park lies just along Mufumbiro Mountains on the northern border of Rwanda and boasts of 8 major volcanoes that border Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. Nothing is more magical than hiking through mountain forests as you enjoy the sight of golden monkeys that dwell in the bamboo forest. And then, you can choose to go for the mother of all adventures by exploring the bat roosts at the Musanze’s caves. It is a thrill that is better experienced than narrated.

#4. Hôtel des Mille Collines

Must-see spots in Rwanda

Perhaps you have seen the popular Hotel Rwanda film and all the emotions it evokes. As the bullets of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 boomed, this luxury hotel is where 700 Tutsis were saved. This is a must-see spot and you will be thrilled by the thought-provoking account of this remarkable story.

#5. Nyamata Church

Must-see spots in Rwanda
Source: NotesFromCamelidCounty


The fate of Rwandans may have changed after the heart-breaking 1994 massacre but this church has remained the same since its encounter with one of the most horrific events in human history. The blood-stained clothes of the victims still litter the pews. You could join several thousands of tourists who visit this church annually to uncover what truly happened.

#6.Museum of Natural History

Must-see spots in Rwanda
Source: DavidTouvey

This relatively small museum is believed to be the first building in Rwanda. It is the 1907 residence of the German explorer Richard Kandt and houses a few relics on Rwandan geology and wildlife. Barely 10 km away from the Kigali International Airport, this museum tells the story of how today’s Rwanda was discovered.

#7. Inema Art Centre

Must-see spots in Rwanda

This centre is privately run by 10 resident artists and enjoys the support of external creators. Established in 2012, the museum has quickly carved a niche for itself as a leading modern art gallery in Kigali. Again, the remarkable story of Rwanda shines through on every piece of art created at this imaginative hub. Visitors could buy the pieces of art or simply choose to feed their eyes with these carefully-fashioned materials.

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