Christmas vacation

7 Ways To Make Your Christmas Vacation More Exciting

Christmas Vacation

This Christmas vacation post was originally published on December 22, 2016. We decided to bring it back to live because it’s still one of our favourite pages.

Any big ideas for an ideal Christmas vacation or getaways? Are you planning a romantic trip to the seductive alcoves of Seychelles? Is it a vacation that leaves you helplessly dazed by adventure or the sort that pamper you with some calmness from the city’s hullabaloo?

Well, whatever your idea of a perfect Christmas vacation might be, our team has carefully selected some of the best ways to discover the world anew this season, drawing extensively from our 2018 Christmas vacation guides.

Let’s go!

Go on shopping spree in Mauritius, shake it up at a lounge


Christmas vacation shopping

If you are an impulse buyer, Mauritius is one place where you are likely to throw caution to the wind. And the reason is simple: there is a large number of shopping centres and malls in this island nation with something for every group of buyer – from the big spenders to the value-for-money shoppers.

Simply head to the ever-buzzing Grand-Baie, Bay Bazaar and Rivière du Rempart if you like handmade items. Or find your way to Quatre Bornes Market in the centre of Plaines Wilhems. Sometimes called the nation’s home of textiles, here is one place where you find all types of clothing materials ranging from under-wears to curtains, muffler and so much.

So, what happens after hours of slicing through these souks and malls? You may decide to cap it all off with a visit to Banana Beach Club or the breezy Red Cat Beach Lounge and immerse yourself in the culinary mastery of Asian cuisines. Or get a little over the top with some of the electrifying live shows while you sip your favourite Phoenix beer.

Explore the beauty of nature in Calabar


Christmas vacation in calabar

Calabar has steadily become the cynosure of all eyes because of the social and cultural thrills it offers to tourists, there is so much to see and do in this city of sunshine.

Glide through the almighty Kwa Falls that runs southward into the Cross River estuary. Add colour to your escapade, grab your camping and swimming gears and go for a dip in this tapered, steep valley of water while its lullaby serenades your soul.

Or head over to the Marina Resort for some calm entertainment. Here, you could stroll along its open boulevard and watch boats whirl against the tidal waves of the river.

Visit LEGOLAND at Dubai Parks and Resort


Christmas vacation in legoland

Thinking of having a nice time with your kids this Christmas? LEGOLAND is your best bet. As you dive freely into the dazzle of Dubai, your kids could plunge into the fascinating Bollywood Film Studio at Dubai Parks and Resorts where they see their favourite superheroes like Shaktimaan, RA and Krrish. Or you could turn the pages to LEGOLAND Water Park which boasts of over 20 slides and several theme attractions that get your kids boogying all day with excitement.

This entertainment hub boasts of a whopping 15,000 LEGO model structures made from well over 60,000 LEGO slabs, featuring adventurous rides, roller-coasters and major landmarks across the Middle East.

Get a Romantic Place to Propose


Christmas vacation proposal

Away from the bug of Valentine’s Day, Christmas is another ideal time to pop the big question – will you marry me? The reason is that your proposal would come as a surprise to that special someone. Trust me, your chances of getting “no” as an answer are quite slim, especially when done rightly. Nairobi offers a flurry of getaway spots ideal for cracking this famous question.

Experience Africa’s biggest street party


Christmas holiday street party

Over time, December has assumed that time of the year to best experience the colours of Nigeria, with the annual Calabar Carnival being the perfect icing on the cake. Since its début in 2005 by erstwhile governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, the Calabar Carnival has grown to become Africa’s biggest street party.

This year, the annual fest is expected to bring together about two million tourists from 25 countries from around the world. As a guest, you will be treated to a spectacle reminiscent of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. Just like other revellers, you will be mesmerized by the sheer scale of razzmatazz that headlines this event. So, forget everything and come taste the glamour of Africa’s biggest street party.

Go on hiking trails at National Volcano Park


Christmas vacation volcano park

Away from the wonders of game reserves, this volcano park lies just along Mufumbiro Mountains on the northern border of Rwanda and boasts of 8 major volcanoes that border Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. Nothing is more magical than hiking through mountain forests as you enjoy the sight of golden monkeys that dwell in the bamboo forest.

You can also choose to go for the mother of all adventures by exploring the bat roosts at the Musanze’s caves. It is a thrill that is better experienced than narrated.

Pack your bags, head for Mombasa


Christmas vacation in mombasa

There is a reason Mombasa is known as one of the most visited destinations in Kenya, bursting with a lot to see and do. As the nation’s second largest city, Mombasa exudes the richness of African tropics following centuries of seafaring activities. Its incredible coral reefs offer deep-sea fishing, diving, dolphin watching and snorkelling opportunities to tourists who throng this island every year, especially in the Wasini beachfront.

If you are a history buff, you will be stunned by the 15th Century Fort Jesus that overlooks the Old Port of Mombasa. Being a coastal hub, beach lovers will have a swell time exploring Nyali, Bamburi and Diani clear beaches on the south coast of Mombasa.

Christmas may be a few days away but, it’s never too late to book your preferred Christmas vacation package. You can book with Wakanow today and begin your journey to a Christmas to remember.




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