8 Intriguing Things You Should Know About Russia

8 Intriguing Things You Should Know About Russia


From historic cities and charming countrysides to architectural masterpieces, epic train rides, and an active nightlife, Russia has it all! 

Here are 8 Intriguing things you should know about Russia:


8 Intriguing Things You Should Know About Russia

Source: RussiaDirect

Russia has over 160 ethnic groups and 100 different languages – making it one of the most influential cultures in the world. However, Russian is the official language.


Ballet in Russia 2017

Source: Russian Grand Ballet

The art of ballet dancing is priceless to Russians. The traditions of ballet and the famous ballet dancers can be seen as the country’s cultural symbols.


Russia structure dome

Source: Asianews

This country is truly an architectural fairyland! The onion-domed churches form the most common architectural detail of Russia. Some of the most famous architectural masterpieces you should visit include – the Red Square, Hermitage, Kremlin, St. Petersburg, Cathedrals of St. Sophia.


8 Intriguing Things You Should Know About Russia

Source: Atorus

From skiing in the Caucasus and exploring the monuments of Moscow to white-water rafting in the Altai Republic and pure theme park fun, there are a lot of activities in Russia that would make you giddy with joy.


8 Intriguing Things You Should Know About Russia

Source: Travel Channel

Piroggi, Blinis – the famous Russian fast food, beef stroganoff, Syrniki, and soups like the Borscht are some of the delicious dishes to try out when visiting Russia. You would thank me later!


8 Intriguing Things You Should Know About Russia

Source: Flush the Fashion

Russians love their Vodka! Vodka is without a doubt the most popular alcoholic drink in Russia. It is served between and with meals. I bet you didn’t know the word vodka comes from the Russian word ‘voda’ which means water. Yup! Lol.


Hockey Russia vs USA sports

Source: Newsday

The two most popular sports in Russia are ice hockey and soccer – little wonder they are serving as the 2018 World Cup host. #Russia2018.

Art and History

Onion dome Russia

Source: LabWerk

In search of inspiration? Walk the footsteps of literary masters – Tolstoy, Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoevsky and many more.

Prepare to be awestruck as you find ancient fortresses, spired churches, architectural masterpieces and sparkling palaces. The alluring historical towns and villages with onion domes and gingerbread cottages would leave you feeling like you are in a wonderland.


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