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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

   Rwanda is a gorgeous landlocked country in central Africa that has made huge leaps, despite its dark history. A travel destination that will sate your travel thirst, whatever it may be. As your trusted travel partner, Wakanow is dedicated to making your travels easy and it is no different this time. Book a slot in our holiday packages for the most exciting experience. If you’re thinking of the reasons to visit, here are 8 reasons why you should visit Rwanda.

The Beauty

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, has a very stunning landscape. Its scenery is amazing and there is no doubt that it can be easy to lose oneself in the beauty of the country. Its capital city, Kigali is one of the cleanest cities in Africa. With hills, valleys, lakes and fascinating wildlife, Rwanda offers you a peaceful picturesque vacation.

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It is safe

Rwanda is one of Africa’s safest cities. Whether as a solo traveler or one with a group, you have nothing to fear. The crime rate is incredibly low and going from one city to another is definitely without hassles. The cities are easily accessible and all you need to do is just hire a car to drive round or explore the country with your tour group.

Fascinating history

Rwanda can easily be said to be a phoenix in the tourism industry because of its great comeback after the genocide. The 1994 genocide is a huge part of its history and Rwandans have preserved it in the most respectful way. Visit the Kigali genocide memorial centre to learn more about the history.

Gorilla Tracking

Not a lot of countries offer the opportunity to watch Gorillas in their natural habitat. Watch how the family systems of these apes thrive without human intrusion. Although tracking these gorillas involve hiking in tough terrains, it is still an exciting experience to watch these majestic creatures do their thing.  

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The art scene

The Rwandan art scene is emerging and exciting. The Inema art centre is a great place to start, when looking to purchase or learn more about Rwandan art. You get to observe the production process and see how art affects Rwandans positively.

Ease of travel

Rwanda makes it easy for tourists to visit and that includes Nigerians. The E-visa is an easier way for applicants to get their visas online without having to visit the embassy. Contact visas@wakanow.com for all your visa assistance

The warmth of the people

Rwandans are popular for being warm to tourists. Despite their dark history, you’ll find out that Rwandans are committed to the country’s unity. Everyone is incredibly proud of their roots but they clearly aren’t going to let it cause a divide between them.

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