When entering the building of Nike art gallery, you will discover an artistic and architectural masterpiece. The entire building is painted in white and is housed in a five-story structure and also houses a collection of around 8,000 different Nigerian artists’ works. The gallery in West Africa is probably the largest of its kind.

Not only that, the entrance of the gallery will welcome you with an array of carvings, artistic furniture made of wood, bronze or metal, as well as beautiful pieces.

When entering the gallery you are ushered into a breath-taking experience. You will find that the gallery is decked all through from the top of the building to the bottom, with beautiful art works, carvings, colorful batik textiles, indigo, tie and dye, traditional weaving, bead work, embroidery, metalwork and weaving. In general, one can explore both traditional and contemporary art in this gallery.

You will appreciate this gallery more if you are a lover of the arts like myself, a professional artist, or for  the curious minds interested in a brief immersion in a new culture. This gallery offers you the opportunity to see Nigeria with fresh eyes.

Nike Art Gallery has no entry fee and the art works ranges from a few thousands to millions of Naira.

You’re sure to be inspired after your first visit.

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