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A Travel Guide To Exploring Lebanon

Lebanon, a middle eastern country whose location has contributed greatly to its rich history and vibrant culture. The former French colony has tons of activities for both tourists and locals, you’d definitely find what works for you. Popularly called the Switzerland of the East because of its snow- capped mountains identical to the Swiss Alps. Lebanon is a well hidden beauty in the Mediterranean that has so much to offer and with exciting holiday travel packages from Wakanow, you get to explore this country. So get on the train, sorry flight!

Let’s talk about all the essential things you need to do when you plan a vacation to Lebanon. Let’s go!

Places to Visit

Beirut: Beirut, Lebanon’s capital city and entertainment hub mixes middle Eastern and Mediterranean culture in a beautiful way. Beirut is a prime location for shopping and fine dining with exceptional architecture to stare at. Explore the National museum, local souks, Mohammed Al Amin Mosque, Government Palace and even the nightlife in Beirut!

Byblos: This is the one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and it is locally called Jbeil. Its rich history and ruins is a great way to explore this city. Spend some time in the Jeita Grotto where you can see the caves and enjoy the scenery. This city also exposes tourists to a thriving nightlife so its really all in one!

جبيل - لبنان Byblos - Lebanon | Byblos lebanon, Ancient cities, Byblos

Baatara Gorge Waterfall: Located in central Lebanon, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Drive through mountainous scenery and indulge in viewing the cedar groves before you take in the beauty of the Baatara falls.

Sour: This is a perfect city for travelers that love the beach, as Sour’s beaches are some of the country’s best. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach or learn more about the history that the town offers. Make your pick!

Baalbeck: If you’re thinking of where to find Roman ruins in Lebanon, then you’ve got your spot! Explore the history and culture of the Lebanese. Get into the minds of the ancient Greeks and Romans and explore the Temples of Jupiter and Bacchus. You can also get into Lebanese wine industry for a complete experience.

Best Time To Visit

Although Lebanon has four seasons, which is a lot unusual for a middle eastern country, the best time to visit is during Spring (May and June) or during autumn (October and November). If you’re looking to indulge in snow sports like skiing and snowboarding, visit during Winter (January – March).

Foods To Try

What would a trip to Lebanon be without enjoying their traditional dishes. Try out Shawarma, hummus dip, Falafel, Labneh, Manakish, Kanafeh, Lahm bi ajin, Kibbeh and lots more.

Currency and Language

Lebanon’s currency is the Lebanese pounds and the national language spoken is Arabic and a few locals speak French too. Also, it isn’t uncommon to find English language speakers.

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