Ethiopia has long been a been called the original home of mankind because of various humanoid fossil discoveries. Infact, it is also named “Africa’s political capital” because of its geographical, diplomatic and political importance for the continent. As a result, its capital city Addis Ababa, located in the highlands around the Great Rift Valley is home to great sculptures, statues and monuments  but not forgetting great restaurants and places to eat! Addis Ababa is the economic and cultural center of the country. Addis Ababa’s National Museum displays Ethiopian sculpture, ancient crafts, primitive fossils and replicas. In addition, the country built an architectural landmark is the burial site of Emperor Haile Selassie, former Emperor of Ethiopia and symbol of the Rastafari movement of the 20th century.

A trip to Addis Ababa affords you the opportunity of seeing relics of one of the oldest civilizations and well as a good sightseeing experience.


The Ethnological Museum is located inside the former palace of Haile Selassie former Emperor of Ethiopia and icon of the Rastafari movement, and is surrounded by the magnificent gardens and fountains of the university’s main campus.

Considered one of Africa ‘s finest museums, the Ethnographic Museum of Addis Ababa university, uses an unconventional way to display its art collection and artifacts. Instead of grouping items depending on geography or historical time, there is a life cycle organization of  the collection. This Ethnographic museum used to be Haile Selassie ‘s old palace house which has now been converted to a museum.


On Entoto Mountain, you can catch a glimpse of the very spectacular view of Addis Ababa spreading down through the towering eucalyptus trees.


The Lion of Judah emblem has long been a major symbol of the Ethiopian empire and is a depiction of a lion. It is situated on the Addis Ababa railway station square in Addis Ababa and marks the end of Winston Churchill Avenue, one of the city’s major arteries. The statue is Ethiopia’s national emblem, and any Ethiopian emperor since Haile Selassie is referred to as “Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.”

The sculpture, mounted on a black granite pedestal adorned with relief portraits, is quite prevalent in the land and because of its affiliation with Haile Selassie and it remains a significant emblem for Rastafari members.  Lion of Judah monument represents the ancient empire, and is devoted to the courageous Ethiopian nationalist- Haile Selassie.

King Haile Selassie called himself the conquering lion of the tribe of Judah and as such, the statue has a crown which could be a representation of the Emperor himself.

The best restaurants here are:


A lot of tourists visit Yod Abbyssinia when they come to Addis Ababa. The interiors have a large dining area lined with low wooden stools facing a stage. In the evenings, musicians, dancers and singers perform cultural plays from around Ethiopia. Food is also some of the finest typical food and a fine place to try Tej (honey wine).

Both the Ethiopian classics are here with uncommon dishes like the goat cooked with onions , garlic and seasoned butter.


This upper-crust French restaurant serves excellent, authentic, conventional French dishes is still one of the capital’s best restaurants. Try an exquisite starter salad, a fantastic steak with Roquefort sauce and dessert crème brûlée, and you would think you’re in heaven.


Its bargain-priced lunchtime buffet is popular with both tourists and well-to-do locals .If you have driven overland to Addis Ababa and have eaten in a sequence of cheap local restaurants serving less-than-inspiring injera, then reward yourself with high-quality, delicious Ethiopian food served in the sophisticated and stately atmosphere of this hotel’s refurbished dining room.

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