African Countries To Experience Wildlife

We like to say that there are two types of travelers: the adventurous ones and the non- adventurous ones. With the services that Wakanow offers, you get to choose what kind of traveler you want to be and find what works for you. Exciting isn’t it? Today, we’re all about the adventurous travelers: the ones who are ready to get their hands (and feet) dirty and enjoy learning about wildlife. We offer amazing holiday packages that cater to your specific needs. Here’s a list of 5 African countries to experience wildlife like no where else.

South Africa

Africa’s rainbow nation should be top of your list when looking to experience wildlife. With nice conservation parks that offer you close access to wild animals, you can be sure of a surreal experience. There’s a bunch of reserves and safaris in South Africa with the most popular being the world famous Kruger park. Find out more about visiting South Africa here.

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This east African country blessed with scenic landscapes is popular for being the wildlife capital of Africa. The best time to enjoy quality wildlife viewing is during the dry season: June – October. The wildebeest migration is one of the highlights of going to the Maasai Mara. In the other parks and reserves around the country, there are tons of animals that you can experience.

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The land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is famous for its mountain gorillas. It is simply an unforgettable experience to watch Gorillas in their natural habitat and this attracts lots of tourists. With conservation efforts being made by the Rwandan government to stop them from being extinct, it makes tracking them a bit pricey. Per day, there are usually 96 permits so it is advised to book in advance.

See the gorillas in Rwanda National Park | Mountain gorilla, Gorilla  trekking, Gorilla


This country is home to one of Africa’s most popular wildlife park: the Serengeti national park. Located in northern Tanzania, its the only place in Africa where vast animal migrations still take place. Very popular for its huge herd of animals, visiting the Serengeti National park is definitely a one in a lifetime experience.

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Namibia, Africa’s southern gem is home to a plethora of wildlife. With the largest population of cheetahs and Gemboks in Africa, you can be sure of viewing a lot of unusual wildlife. Home to a few endangered animals like : the African bush Elephant, Cheetah, Mountain Zebra, African wild dog and the black and white rhinos. Thanks to a lot of conservation efforts, you can still find them in the wildlife parks. The most popular park for wildlife viewing in Namibia is the Etosha National park.

etosha np

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