Accra is the largest city in Ghana with just over two million inhabitants. You’ll find shops, great food, fantastic music and lots of traffic every turn! This capital city radiates friendliness. If you’re there with company or as a solo tourist on your big annual vacation, Accra has something to make you feel relaxed.

Considered one of the real success stories of Africa, this country proves that great things come in tiny packages. Ghana offers you quiet, gorgeous sandy beaches, rich culture, vibrant towns, friendly people, lots of wildlife, and convenient access to all parts of the world. Ghana is known as ‘Africa for beginners,’ making it a great destination for tourists.

What tourists love are the many beaches around the city, particularly Labadi Beach. Labadi is about 8 km east of Accra’s most popular beach and is a favorite for residents and visitors. You get to frolic in the heat here, party hard, go horseback riding on the beach and do just about everything. The weekdays, however, are quieter.

Accra is also home to the National Museum where you can find ancient gems of many nations. You will also visit the National Theatre, International Trade Fair, Kwame Nkrumah Shrine, Independence Park, and W.E.B. Dubois Center.

Other places to visit are:


The powerful, whitewashed castle dominates the center of the city, overlooking the harbor. There is also a museum on the first floor, illustrating the history of Ghana, the slave trade and the society of the Akan. Cape Coast, once one of the most important slave-holding locations in the world, offers an insight into the operations of the slave trade.

Explore the dim, dusty dungeons, where slaves were known to have waited for weeks to know their fate There’s also the Governor’s bedroom, on the other hand is decorated with floor-to – ceiling windows and panoramic ocean views.



Kente strips, Ashanti sandals, food, second-hand shoes, jewelry, plastic knick-knacks, glass beads, batik, bracelets and more are available at the Kumasi Central Market which is an impressive open-air market in the city of Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti. From afar, Kejetia Market appears like an alien mothership crashed in Kumasi ‘s centre. Closer up, this vast market’s rusting tin roofs (often called West Africa’s largest, as there are 11,000 stalls and at least four times as many people working here.

It is perfectly fine to walk around the market by yourself: few visitors come here and shopkeepers would be very delighted to see you. A Guide is also available to help you negotiate and meet stallholders.


Jamestown is one of the oldest districts of Accra , Ghana which is situated directly east of the Korle Lagoon, Jamestown and Usshertown, and originated as settlements around the 17th century. For a clear view of the city and the busy and vibrant fishing port, ascend to the top of the whitewashed lighthouse as Jamestown is packed with elegant colonial homes, clapboard houses and corrugated iron shacks .  In Jamestown, you will also find the outstanding Jamestown Cafe and accompanying gallery for entertainment, and numerous boxing gyms that have nurtured numerous local kids into champions.


Here you will find some of Accra ‘s best restaurants and bars, all on Oxford Lane, a busy street in the upmarket Osu neighborhood. Step into Osu Food Court, Mamma Mia or La Piazza. Arlecchino Gelateria Italiana is for ice cream while Country Kitchen is for tasty local favorites.

The street also has plenty of bars and clubs for a fun dance floor evening.

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