Black Friday: The significance of Thanksgiving

American thanksgiving is a national holiday in the USA, celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November. It started as a harvest festival: a meal between the natives and the Plymouth colonists. Before the harvest festival, the colonists had already been celebrating days of thanksgiving. In celebration of their first harvest, the feast lasted for 3 days. The first thanksgiving was in 1621 and held in different cities around the US. In 1942, this holiday was passed by the congress and it became a national holiday.

One of the reasons for this celebration is to be thankful for the past year’s blessings. A major part of thanksgiving celebrations is the thanksgiving dinner. Its usually made up of foods that are more common in the Americas: turkey, squash, pumpkin pies and a lot more.

12 Outside-the-Box Ways to Make a Thanksgiving Turkey
A typical thanksgiving Turkey.

The Friday after thanksgiving celebrations is Black Friday, where goods are sold to customers at heavily discounted prices. It is usually one of the busiest shopping days in the USA, as lots of businesses get tons of customers ready to partake in the deals. This tradition has been taken on around the world and now, different companies offer Black Friday deals. Sometimes, these sales extend till the Monday after Black Friday: Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday celebrates e-commerce industry. You get great online deals on Cyber Monday.

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