Some of us preferred Christmas as kids, with our zero responsibility lifestyle and care-free living. For some, it was a time that brought about beautiful memories. With this list, let’s relive those nostalgic Christmas memories and go down candy cane memory lane.

Matching Christmas Clothes

 New clothes were always an added bonus to the jollification of the festive season. Most times, all nuclear family members wore similar outfits- to visit the extended family, attend church services and best/worst of all take photographs. These pictures will be used to haunt you in your adult days.


African food

Source:  The Nigerian Lazy Chef

What is a Christmas celebration without your big pot of jollof rice? Served with a big piece of chicken and other extras (moi-moi, salad, plantain etc). For some of us we had a steady family member that provided the ‘tasty goodness’ and for others, we were the dealers of this delicious dish.


Santa Claus

Source: Naija

Popularly known as Santa from the North Pole but on this side of the world he is known as ‘Father Christmas’. We got to sit on Father Christmas’s laps and receive the best gifts, another perk was holding the mic to give shout-outs.

Family Members

kids playing

Another delightful memory was traveling to the village and celebrate with family members we haven’t seen in a long time. Playing outdoor games with our cousins and singing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs.


ina olorun banger

Source: Ambica Trading

Can you remember the banger street competitions? Everyone wanted to be on the winning team. It felt like living on the edge,  you didn’t know where the next bangers were coming from.

There were also the Christmas sparkles aka Ina Olorun, can you remember the song?

Share with us some other Christmas tradition you took part in when you were younger, drop a comment below.

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