Checklist For The Nigerian Modern Traveler
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Checklist For The Nigerian Modern Traveler

Ohh yeah! You’ve saved all the cash you need to travel and you’re finally ready to turn those travel dreams into reality. Here’s a checklist for the Nigerian modern traveler  to ensure the magic of traveling is not lost in the planning.

Do Your Research

Make sure you know what is considered contraband at the airport as well as visa and travel document requirements for the country you’re visiting. The more you know the better for you.

A List is Major Key

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Mental lists may not be sufficient so you need to write a list and tick the items off when you’re packing.

Pack Creatively To Save Space

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You can save some room in your suitcase by rolling clothes instead of folding them. It also reduces creases. For a Nigerian Modern Traveler this is an important tip.

Money Matters

Get a prepaid travel card before you go to avoid carrying a lot of local currency in cash. You can top up online anytime and it can help with budget management.

Be The Early Bird

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Get to the airport early to give yourself plenty time to check-in, pass through security and even shop. There are plenty ways to kill time while you’re waiting at the airport.

Back It All Up

Make a photocopy of all your travel essential documents and store these in the inside pocket of your bag. This may seem like a no-brainer but remember to also backup all your travel photos, just in case the camera or phone gets stolen.

Are we missing something on the list? Share with us, we’ll love to hear your thoughts!

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